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My rabbit has clear like jelly on his behind

This can lead to the death of a rabbit very fast if untreated. Many rabbit sites say that this can not be cured but this is very untrue as we have baby rabbit that have survived this very dangerous illness.

It is a form of diarrhoea this means that the rabbit stomach is empty and is just passing a clear jelly like substance if the stomach was full it would be the normal diarrhoea area on his or hers rear.

Symptoms to look out for

1. Diarrhoea from the rabbit and food lose the 1st stage can be seen very early on in this stage about 24hrs later you will see jelly like on the rabbits behind. This is now in the dangerous stage and if left untreated will result in your bunny dying.

2. Rabbit is not eating and drinking as much as they used to and have stopped eating hay.

3. They don't move as much or they stare at there hutch walls a lot and refuse to play.


Isolate your sick rabbit in doors and keep in a warm room

  1. Go to your vet and buy the following from them.
  2. 2 sachets of Recovery and fiberplex
  3. 1 syringe
  4. If rabbit shows no sign of recovery, or you are worried before stage 2, then make an appointment at the vets straight away, do not delay, as this delay could put your rabbits health in danger

Go to any store and purchase a small bottle or carton of 100% goat's milk

When you get home boil a kettle of water and let it cool down to room temperature

Open the sachet of Recovery and mix 1 third of the contents in to the pre boiled water you need this fairly runny as for it to be used in the syringe.

Give your bunny 1 shot of the fiberplex this is a measured dose via the screw measuring device built into the syringe.

Now fill your syringe normally 5mm but leave a small air gap as you need to keep mixing the recovery in the syringe. And feed this to your rabbit until the syringe is empty. REPEAT THIS STEP EVEY 3 HOURSeven throughout the night this is very important for the 1st 24 hours.

After feeding your rabbit with the recovery you still have to keep the rabbit energy way up. So fill the syringe with 5mm of the goats milk at room temperature and feed this to your rabbit REPEAT THIS STEP EVEY 40 MINS even throughout the night this is very important for the 1st 24 hours. Stop feeding your rabbit if they pull there head back to many times but give as much as the rabbit needs.

After 24 hours feed the rabbit recovery every 4 hours and feed goats milk every hour. This is very critical that this is followed as if the rabbit can get their stomach working again or they will die.

If all is well you will see your rabbit starting to pass normal rabbit pellets in there poo again give them hay and encourage them to feed as it is very important that they get back to hay as fast as possible.

We know this works as we had a 8 week baby rabbit which now has pulled through this is a very dangerous illness . So if any website says this can not be cured please believe us it can and it is treatable.

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whoa! OK that is really gross and I'm a boy so yeah. well if there is jello (lets call it that) coming out of a rabbits butt yes it is bad. or that might be poo.

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Q: Why has your male rabbit got jelly like clear lumps coming out of his backside?
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