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If it is already housetrained it has a health problem, or it forgot.

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Q: Why is your housetrained dog peeing on the floor?
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What should I say to my dog who pees randomly in our house?

to stop peeing on your floor?

Why is your dog peeing and pooing in the house you just moved into to?

your dog is probably marking his/her territory since it is an unusual place. keep reminding your dog that it is not right to go on the floor.. Thanks!!!

How do you keep your dogs from urinating inside after house trained?

If the dog is still peeing it is not house trained. Does it pee when it gets really excited or when its behind your back and you can't see, or is it when you yell at him? There are three main reasons for peeing. 1. Not being housetrained, the dog simply doesn't know that he is better off peeing outside then in. 2. Submissive peeing, when you yell at your dog and he pees because he simply doesn't know what else to do, he's scared. 3. Medical conditions such as urinary, bladder or kidney infections, the pee should look different, maybe a little darker or with a bit of blood in it, might smell funny, and the dog will be going more often but less will come out.

Why is your child peeing on the floor in his room?

The exorcist?

What do you do to train your dog from having accidents on the floor?

This is a "housetraining" issue. There are many techniques that can be used. Crate training is a great way. In the end, it's up to the dog owner to pay more attention to the dog's behavior, constantly supervising a dog that isn't housetrained yet. Some simple tips can be found at

Why does your trained male dog keep peeing your the couch?

If your dog is still peeing on the couch, then you have not trained him/her well enough yet.

What are the simptoms for a dog peeing blood?

Your dog is sick get him/her to a vet.

How long should it take when beginning crate training for a puppy to quit peeing and pooping in crate. My puppy is 7 weeks old.?

This depends entirely on the puppy. At seven weeks, it is perfectly normal for the dog not to be fully housetrained. My dog went through a phase at about eight months old when he would continually wet his bed, event though by then he was 'housetrained'. In a couple of weeks, the puppy should have grasped the idea that when he sits, or whines by the door, he gets let outside to pee (or poop). Even then, there will still be accidents now and again, but so long as consistent rewards are given when the puppy does go outside, he should be fully housetrained by a the time he is four to five months old.

How long can a dog go without urinating?

up to 4 days. although even housetrained dogs can cause 'accidents'.

What is a dog making rain doing?


How to stop dog peeing on carpet?

train them

How many hours can or should a dog stay home without peeing?

A dog can stay without peeing for max of 4 and a half hours

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