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horses chewing on each other are often just grooming each other and if they are just grooming each other they should get along fine

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Q: Will horses that are chewing on each other get along well?
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Do two horses nibbbling each other get along well?

it means their friends and enjoy each other. They do that in the wild and in paddocks. When they nibble they are scratching and grooming each other.

Could a mastiff get along with a horse?

it would depend on how you introduced them to each other as i have 2 dogs and they get on well with our horses

What causes horses to eat each other?

Horses dont eat each other they are vegetarians

Did hardrada fight with horses?

Horses chase each other when they get upset and then they start kicking each other.

How can you get to differ female horses to get along with each other?

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When two horses nibling each other means they get along well?

Yes, nibbling between horses indicates they like each other, however, sometimes a nibble isn't a nibble, it is a test of dominance. So if it goes to biting, keep an eye on them, and separate if needed.

Do horses get along when they nibble on each other?

Horses will groom each other if they get along. This action looks alot like nibbling, but they don't do it to be mean. However, a horse who goes to nibble at the behind of another passing horse probably does not get along with that horse too well.

Why does your pug not get along with other pugs?

Well, it depends, are they chewing at each others necks, or just barking? If barking, they just want to play and horse around, not fight. But if they chew at each others necks and growling, then they just are fighting and being mean to each other.

What are the release dates for Horses Eat Each Other - 2010?

Horses Eat Each Other - 2010 was released on: USA: 2010

Can you have horses around peacocks?

Sure , just as long as they can get along. I would see how the two act towards each other between a fence first.

What horses can breed with Arabians?

All horses can cross breed with each other.

How do you breed horses on Petz horses for DS?

In order to breed horses on that game you have to keep the male and female horse together. They will start liking each other and eventually will love each other. Once they love each other you don't have to do anything about it they will just have a foal!