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Guinea pigs can get pregnant at 2 months old. The younger the guinea pig is the safer it is to get pregnant.

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Q: Will my giunea pig die if it is pregnant and is really young?
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Do female giunea pigs usually die during birth?

Healthy female guinea pigs that give birth will not die during birth.

Can a guinea pig be pregnant even when they're young?

They can be pregnant but it is not fair for a baby guinea pig to have to hold up to 8 guinea pigs. There is a very high chance they will die. I had a guinea pig that was pregnant when I got her(she was 14 weeks when she had babies) and she had 2 babies and tey all survived.

Will an approximately 2 month old female hamster get hurt if an approximately 5 month old male hamster is trying to mate with her and can she become pregnant that young?

OF COURSE But if she does it too young then she can die when giving birth. so beCAREFUL

What happens if a female rabbit gets pregnant when she's really young?

Young females don't tend to handle pregnancy very well. They are often unable to understand what is happening to them, fail to make nests and don't know how to feed the babies etc. Their bodies are also not sufficiently developed to carry the young (rabbits do not reach adult size until at least a year old) and can die in giving birth or late pregnancy if the babies are too large.

How often can guinea pigs become pregnant?

Guinea pigs can become pregnant again IMMEDIATELY after giving birth. They can also get pregnant at any age, but after passing a certain age, they are very likely to die. Even a young, healthy pig at prime breeding age has a 25% chance of dying from a pregnancy. Please do not breed your guinea pigs. If you already have a pregnant female, be sure she doesn't get pregnant again afterwards by removing the father immediately and removing male babies 21 days after the birth.

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Do female giunea pigs usually die during birth?

Healthy female guinea pigs that give birth will not die during birth.

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