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You have not said how many chickens you have altogether. Chickens die for many reasons and not always from communicable disease. Poor nutrition, illness and predation.

A hen being pecked by the others weakens them and then all they need is a minor illness to weaken them even more. Generally, I would say if the rest of the birds are acting normal and healthy then you would not have a problem eating the eggs. If they are all acting sick, then you may want to leave off consuming the eggs until you figure out why they are ill.

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Q: You raise chickens for their eggs and two chickens died are the eggs safe to eat?
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Why do chickens lay eggs all the time instead of when they are broody?

They lay eggs when they feel safe and are not crowded by too many eggs.

What deworming treatment can you use on chickens so that it is still safe to eat the eggs?

Put piperazine liquid into their water.

My chickens just laid their first eggs. Are they safe to eat?

As long as they are less than 24 hours old....

Why don't people eat duck eggs?

Yes, provided they are from a safe source and are thoroughly cooked.

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NO because they get special medicions an it can have harmful products and it could damage soething in your body system.

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are eggs safe when not cracked

Does having your own chickens save money on eggs?

Well it depends. When you think about it you have to take in account that the food for them cost money and if they ever get sick that cost money too but i have 17 chickens and it's really nice to have fresh eggs in the morning and through out the day. You can get chickens that lay cool colors too. One of mine lay blue eggs. We have enough eggs that we can sell ours too.So to answer your question it can save you money once you get going and have hens that lay everyday but it's not going to safe that much.

How many days before hatching do you stop turning chicken eggs?

the incubation period for chicken eggs is 21 days, however, sometimes it takes a bit longer so it is always safe to give the eggs around 26 days.

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in a kennel or a safe contaner

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