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u should leave him alone, dont talk to him like for 1 month or more and try to make him jeles

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Q: You really love this boy but he doest like you what do you do?
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What if you love this boy but he doest love you?

I would just say to just move on because there are plenty of fish in the sea!

How do you know if a boy really like love you?

It's in his kiss.

What do you do when a boy really really really likes and loves you and you like and love him back?

Go out on a date.

Does a girl have to be skinny for a boy to like her?

No not really because if he really loves you he will love you just the way you are.

What if a boy keeps your note?

If its a love note, then I'd take that as a good sign that this boy really likes you. Guys only keep notes from girls they really like.

How do you break up with a boy you really love?

If you REALLY love him you wouldn't break up with him.

How do you know when you are in love with a boy?

Sometimes, you don't know if you even like a boy. If you are really in love, you will sweat, your heart will beat faster, and your stomach will feel like you're on a roller coaster. This is true love. If you think they are cute, you know you are definitely in love if all of these things happen to you.

How do you tell you love the boy?

I dont think you can really love someone if you are in middle school. But a good idea if you like a boy, is that whenever you are around him you have butterflies, and for a sceond it seems like you dont care about anyone else in the world.

If you have a boyfriend and quiet a few boys like you in your year but you love a boy in the year above you what do you do?

follow your instinks and go with the guy you really love

A boy who really like and he really moving in to me what to i have to do?

Your question is not very clear, please rephrase it. Is the boy moving in with you and your really like him and how should you pursue him? or How do you get a boy you really like to move in with you?

What will your do if your mom tells you to stay away from the boy you really like?

You can either tell your mum and tell her that you love the boy more than her XD. Or just pick another boy that is exactly like him and that your mum likes :)

I really like this boy hes my ex and is going out with one of my best mates and i think i love him what should i do?

move on