1977 Chevrolet pickup wiper switch with delay can you replace it with a wiper switch with out delay?

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Yes in theory but why would you want to, the two units cost the same.
Also, buy Rain-X and clen windshield inside and out and apply it - this will delaythe need to have the wipers on and helps alot in heavy rains Also buy rain-s windhsield washer to fill the washer tubs with. I traveled across country several times the rainshield made a HUGE difference
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1998 Windstar Where is the windshield wiper delay relay switch and how do you change it?

Answer . \nThere are two relays. One is called a wiper HI/LO relay, the other is the wiper park/run relay. They are in the engine compartment fuse panel. If you are lookin

What would cause your 93 F250 wipers to stay on you replace the switch and motor. I have changed the switch motor and relay. The intermittant delay does not work. Where is the governor?

Answer . \nIt has to be the switch. It is what controls the power to the wiper motor. If the switch is fried again I would check that the relay (or that the fuse is the ri

1991 S-10 Blazer How do you check repair or replace the switch for the windshield wipers What would cause them not to shut off sometimes and for the delays not to work The wiper motor seems fine.?

Well to change the switch, you need to unclip it from underneath the steering column, its like a rounded rectangular thing in a clip. then pull it out but tape a wire to the e

Honda wiper switch replacement?

I have a 97 Honda accord that the wipers don't work, they only work when you hold down the mist conroller arm. It has the intermittent controls on the wipers also.

Were is the wiper delay module located on a 97 Chevy pickup?

the wiper delay dodule is located under the hood on the firewall. you will see the motor for the wipers and you take that cover off. it has 3 torx bit screws that holds it on.

How do you replace windshield wiper switch on a 1990 s10 pickup?

First you have to drink a beer and access the situation. Next step is to remove the fat chic from behind the steering wheel. Then remove the steering wheel and hand it to the