4 letters word meaning take a risk?

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Can you think of a word where you take 3 letters away from a 4 letter word and manage to have it mean the same thing?

Answer s 1) The word FIVE is a 4-letter word. Take away the 3 letters 'F', 'I' and the 'E', and you are left with 'V' which is the Roman numeral for the number five. 2)

What is the meaning of risk-taking in entrepreneurship?

Risk Taking is important in the concept of Entrepreneurship because you cannot gain something without taking a risk. Risk taking is taking a chance on an outcome, not blindly,
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What do the 4 letter word dreidel mean?

Dreidels have 4 letters on them but they make up an acronym, not a word. There are two version of the acronym and they are: In Israel: N eis, G adol, H aya, P o - A gre
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What does mean 'dont take risk in knock out stage'?

if your talkin about football, it means that you shouldn't use younger players and therefore not very good players in the knockout stage, cause if you do the your out, but in