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Is someone with love, a motivator, a pillow of strength
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What are teachers?

Answer . There are lot of teachers that are hired in The USA. Most of them are hired in Science and Mathematics. As for money which is a big issue for most of the teachers. Tachers doesn't really get that much. They start of with around $35to$40 thousand dollars depending on which state you teach (MORE)

What do teachers do?

The daily life of a teacher is; . planning lesson plans . teaching children with many levels of learning . standing yard duty . going to meetings . filling out forms required by the state and the district . doing grades . grading papers . observation of student behavior and work . parent co (MORE)

What does a teacher do?

A teacher teaches things from basic life skills to exotic arts. A teacher can be a mentor, a parent, a friend, or a hired professional. Teachers at schools generally teach the basics such as math, science, social studies, language arts, physical education, health, and social skills. For teachers who (MORE)

What is a teacher?

A teacher is a person that shows and explains how to preform tasks that can later help people through their lives. Usually a teacher works at a school helping students between the ages of 4-20.

Was Macbeth a compassionate caring character who became overwhelmed by greed?

Yes , Macbeth [c. 1014-August 15, 1057] was a brave, noble Scotsman whose raging, greedy ambitions became uncontrollable. In Act 1 Scene 5 of the Shakespearean play, Macbeth's Lady [b. c. 1015] worried about her husband's kindness. She also anguished over his tendency to follow correct procedure. An (MORE)

What is living under compassionate circumstances?

Meaning circumstances would have to be such that the person cannot function (either because of illness or disability) without the help and support of friends or relatives and that no such help or support is available to them in the country where they are living.

What does compassionate mean?

Being compassionate is about taking notice of a very significant part of\nthis world: Others. Those who understand the common method of life that\nno one lives rosily and problems are bound to hurt others; will then \ngain the perception of compassion.

Which president was known as a compassionate conservative?

It was President George W. Bush who openly promoted the idea of "compassionate conservatism" as if that would rehabilitate the principles of conservatism and make them more appealing to a "knee jerk" liberal crowd. Conservative, Liberal, Right, Left, Centrist, Progressive, Libertarian, Federalist, (MORE)

What are teachers for?

To relay information which can be used to get decent examination results, securing a decent job. Also, teachers are to show you how to read, write, and not be an overall moron sucking on their thumb. Parents may be more fun (sometimes) but teachers are more knowlageable on a certain subject and know (MORE)

What if there were no teachers?

The question speaks of something that by the nature of man is impossible. We are an inquisitive species, loving to learn, and we love even more being able to share it with others. Even animals "teach" their young. If all human teachers disappeared, new ones would take their place at once. The chang (MORE)

What does the word compassionate mean?

ANSWER: Compassionate means feelings or being compassion to a person. If you put this under the category of cheating,, it means that a person has feeling to another person, might be a new person in his or her life. Its a new or let say a feeling that is different than others. I'll give you a good e (MORE)

What is compassionate silence?

Compassionate silence very well may be the truest form of compassion we can muster. The minute we open our mouths we run the risk of judgment and scorn, if not implicitly so then very possibly run the risk of what we say being inferred as judgment or scorn. Compassion is the kindest form of patience (MORE)

President known as a compassionate conservative?

The term Compassionate conservative is generally associated withGeorge W Bush. He adopted this concept in his 2000 presidentialcampaign against Al Gore. It means to use conservative techniquesto improve welfare of society.

Why is Jesus compassionate?

It's apart of His nature. While also being just, patient, wrathful at injustice, loving, merciful, full of grace and truth. When you see someone drowning, a typical person will have compassion enough to jump in and help. God who has more compassion than any of us paid the ultimate sacrifice out of (MORE)

What is a sentence for the word compassionate?

A compassionate advocate for the poor, Mother Teresa is likely destined for sainthood. The abandoned dog was rescued from the highway by a compassionate motorist. The compassionate pastor helped out the family. It was not a compassionate act to send them on their way.

Was Buddha compassionate?

Absolutely. He preached peace, kindness, respect and reverence for all living things, including animals and plants. He was a strict vegetarian, because he didn't believe in harming by eating any liging thing. He also stressed that humans should become more spiritual and less materialistic.

What do you have to do when your a teacher?

As a teacher you do lots of things. Here is a few plan lessons do lesson plans and turn in to the administration each week collect all supplies needed for each lesson stand yard duty have parent conferences fill out various forms for the school/state take attendance keep accurate records keep grade (MORE)

Why to you have teachers?

Teachers are here for the purpose of sharing their information or skills with those who lack them.

How does the Holy Spirit guide us to be compassionate?

God loves every one of his children. If you could see others how God sees them: Lost, alone, and broken; you would be overwhelmed by compassion. A dangerous prayer that may change your life forever: "God, break my heart for what breaks yours."

What are examples of compassionate?

Compassionate people usually choose careers in which their job isto help people. People in the medical field or who do social workare just two examples. More specifically a compasionate person,when seeing someone else in pain or stress, is able to show empathyand will want to help that person. (or a (MORE)

What is cruel truths compassionate lies?

Cruel Truths, Compassionate Lies , by Frank D. Long, is a collection of 500 original oservations on life, love, the universe and everything in-between, ranging in length from four to four dozen words. The publisher of the book is Frank D. Long Publishing. Publication date for the book is October 201 (MORE)

Why do you have have Teachers?

So we can learn great skills to help us make our way through life, obtain good jobs. Teachers help us to understand what life is eventually going to throw at us and and to cope with any issues we face. Knowledge is Power to the Elbow!

How was Jesus compassionate?

He gave his life so that we could live an eternal life with God. He also dedicated his life to teaching others about the Word of the Lord.

How do say compassionate in Italian?

" Compassionevole " is an Italian equivalent of "compassionate." Specifically, the Italian word is the masculine/feminine singular form of an adjective. The pronunciation is "KOHM-pahs-syoh-NEH-voh-leh." The masculine/feminine plural form, " compassionevoli ," is pronounced "KOHM-pahs-syoh-NEH-voh- (MORE)

How do you get the answer out of your teacher?

You talk to them a little bit and if they dont tell you the answer then, then you get them again and tell them you dont know the answer and they will keep explaining it to you and eventually the answer will come out

Why should you be compassionate?

Because it shows you care an that you can relate to what someone is saying , It shows you are being very sympathetic to him or her.

How do you write A compassionate transfer letter?

A transfer letter can either come from an employer requesting that the employee transfer, or an employee requesting to transfer. In either case show compassion by thanking them for all that they have done in the past.

How does Katniss Everdeen show her compassionate side?

In the Hunger games, Katniss everdeen, hostile and cold on the outside at times is capable of showing compassion. She cares deeply for her family and is worried if her actions may endanger them. Also in the first book when she assaulted Peeta because of his proclamation of love to Katniss (for the s (MORE)

Does compassionate mean nice?

it means someone with an understanding to the needs of others, someone who feels for others and is able to help them as well.

How is Simon a compassionate person in lord of the flies?

He is kind hearted enough to give piggy his share of meat from thesow that jack's team killed when everyone else was just pushingPiggy away, and he helps the littluns forage fruit. He also givesPiggy his glasses back to him when Jack punched Piggy's face. Hetries to tell everyone that the beast isn' (MORE)

How many times is compassionate used in the Bible?

Fourteen times total in the New International Version. Exodus 22:27 and 34:6 2 Chronicles 30:9 Nehemiah 9:17 Psalms 86:15 and 103:8 and 111:4 and 112:4 and 145:8 Lamentation 4:10 Joel 2:13 Jonah 4:2 Ephesians 4:32 1 Peter 3:8

Whom does The Compassionate Friends assist?

The organization known as 'The Compassionate Friends' assists the bereaved members of a family that has lost a child. It gives emotional support while trying to offer friendship and understanding.

What are some tips on giving compassionate care?

Some tips on giving compassionate care start with self care. It is hard to find time, but it is important to exercise, get adequate sleep and to drink plenty of water. It is important to get some time to yourself, especially in the early stages of compassionate care.

What does 'compassionate leave' mean?

"Compassionate leave" is a type of excused absence from work granted to someone due to certain circumstances. The most common reason is the death of a close relative.

Who are the examples of compassionate person?

Compassionate people usually choose careers in which their job isto help people. People in the medical field or who do social workare just two examples. More specifically a compasionate person,when seeing someone else in pain or stress, is able to show empathyand will want to help that person. (or a (MORE)