A good reason for leaving the home of the parent that has custody wouldn't be that the child is depressed from being lonely or constant fighting between the custodial parent and child?

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what would be a good reason to tell the housing people why u want 2 leave home
what would be a good reason to tell the housing people why u want 2 leave home
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Can you get custody of a child that you are not the biological parent of?

If both biological parents are deceased, and you were married to one of them, your odds are better. Otherwise if one of the biological parents is physically capable of taking

Minor child wants to leave custodial home to live with non custodial parent?

Assuming the non-custodial parent wants this too, the non-custodialparent can petition the court to change the custody order. Theminor's wishes should be taken into account by

What do you do if the custodial parent alienates your child?

First, document everything. Write down all of the actions that the custodial parent takes to alienate your child from you. Take this documentation to an attorney and ask th

If no parent has custody who has the right to the child?

The court must appoint a legal guardian. However, if custody has been taken from the parents by the court there would be some other guardian appointed. An unmarried mother a

Can a child choose the custodial parent?

A child cannot choose the custodial parent. If the parents cannot come to an agreement regarding physical custody the decision is made by the judge. Judges sometimes interview