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A person who takes pictures with a camera is called the camera man.
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How long did it take to take a picture with the first cameras?

Answer . \nThis depends on what you mean by the first photo.\nMany people came up with impermanent photos using a camera abscura.The first\nphoto of known permanance took all afternoon,this is thought to be indicated by\nthe fact that there are no shadows and the seen is lit in a way that there (MORE)

How do camera lenses take pictures?

It's not just the lenses, of course. Lenses take light and focus it onto a surface that is sensitive to light, so that the surface can capture the image. It might be hard to imagine why this is necessary. Doesn't the camera "see" what the photographer is seeing?. Imagine that you are a little camer (MORE)

Can you take a picture without a camera?

Yes (of course, whatever you use will effectively become a camera, but I digress). Basically, a camera is a light-tight box with a hole in it that allows light to enter the box in such a way that it strikes a film cell and leaves an emulsion or impression of light that, when developed, makes a pi (MORE)

How do digital cameras take pictures?

well....you press a certain button which is place fixed on the top of the camera and then you press that button and magically takes a picture for you

How does a Digital camera take a picture?

Instead of the photos being on film, they are saved onto a memory card. This allows you to remove the card, print the photos you want, and re-use the card as much as you want. Just be sure to not delete any photos that you want to keep on the memory card.

What digital camera takes the best picture?

Any will-made digital camera will produce images that meet most users' standards. It is the skill of the photographer that creates good pictures. To be on the safe side, I would not purchase a camera for less than about $150, and stay away from lesser-known brands. Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Kodak and Ol (MORE)

Why is your camera taking blurry pictures?

Several possible reasons: Your shutter speed is too low. This causes motion blur due to either the subject moving or the camera shaking. Check the EXIF information. If the shutter speed (in fractions of a second) is less than the the focal length, your shutter speed is probably too low (EG if you (MORE)

How do you take pictures from camera to website?

It depends on the type of camera and the website or service you are using, and the quality you want to upload the pictures in. For a digital camera you can use the supplied cables and software to transfer picture files from the camera to your computer and place them in your desired location. From t (MORE)

What Cameras take the best pictures?

Well there really isn't "the best camera" There are so many Camera out there that take really good pictures. And there is always a new one. I would recommend going to a store with Camera's such as best buy, Costco and etc. Ask the people there what brand is good and which one takes really good pi (MORE)

Where is the camera you need to take the pictures on poptropica?

If you want to get the camra first you have to go to kaya forest go on the house then go on the tree keep on going from tree to tree tell you get to a gold nuget. Then go on the plane and go back to nabootie and go to the guy that is selling stuff and he will give you the camra to take the pictures. (MORE)

To take pictures with a camera?

you go to to camera mode and the press a large button on the top face (usually) and its (usually) on the top right and the you press it and whala!!

Can you ruin a camera by taking a picture of the sun?

No cant :0 Update: Digital camera's can be damaged by pointing directly at the sun. The CCD or CMOS sensor is suseptible to burn in the same as a Plasma TV and this will render the camera useless...it says so in the manual that came with my digital SLR camera.(Canon). Don't risk it.

Why don't cameras take round pictures?

Some might do - depends on what camera or settings they have. There are some that can. While the lens produces a circular image, it was easier to fit square or rectangular images onto a strip of film. A 35mm lens used on a large format (5x4 inch or 8x10 inch) sheet film will indeed produce a cir (MORE)

Do Nikon cameras take good pictures?

The quality of a Nikon depends on the models, but typically in the models from the past couple years the image stabilizers inside the lower end models are fairly cheap. This means that most of the photos will come out hazy and blurry. However, most Nikon D-SLRs have fantastic image stabilizers and t (MORE)

How do you take picture with a camera?

All cameras are equipped with a "Shutter Button", this button opens the shutter release light onto the image canvas, then automatically shuts the shutter. Then you have a picture.

How do you time a camera to take picture?

Switch the camera into manual mode. Use your test shots exposure information to set the aperture. Set the shutter speed to what you used in step 2. Turn off auto white balance . Set it to a preset or custom. Basically make sure any auto features are not on auto, otherwise you'll get a nasty flicker (MORE)

Is it legal to take pictures with a hidden camera?

Yes, it is legal to take pictures with a hidden camera for a legal purpose. There are hidden cameras in highways, traffic signals, airports, public places like parks, Underpasses...etc to monitor unscrupulous elements or anti social activities. If the governance practices this through appropriate of (MORE)

Do cameras have to have mirrors to take a picture?

No, mirrors are not needed for all cameras to take photos. The mirror is only used in a reflex camera (a camera where you look through the same lens as the sensor/film). Small point and shoots, rangefinders, and large format view cameras do not use mirrors.

Can a pinhole camera take pictures like a normal camera?

Yes, however you are restricted as to what you can take pictures of. Pinhole cameras must stay on a surface while taking the picture (as to not blur the image), unless you want to produce an image with motion blur you are unable to take pictures of any moving subjects, and the images are not digital (MORE)

How fast does a camera take a picture?

It depends on the shutter speed, if its a "point and shoot" camera the speed is determined by the auto settings of the camera. For a DSLR cameras you can control it manually, average DSLR cameras can shoot up to 1/8000th of a second.

To take pictures with camera?

To take a picture with a camera, you aim at the object or person you want to take a picture of, then press the shutter button. The shutter button is the big button on the right side at the top of the camera. You can't take a picture if you don't have film.

How do film cameras take a picture?

there taken like a normal camera HOW ELSE WOULD THEY BE TAKEN ? A real Answer: But very simplified The film in the camera is a strip of plastic coated with light sensitive chemicals. This is called photo sensitive. When it is colour film: it is sensitive to three colours. When the camera allows (MORE)

What do you call the cameras that you can take instant pictures from?

An SLR, or a single lens reflex camera. If you're thinking of "instant picture" as a physical production of the shot you just took, then a Polaroid camera is probably what you're referring to. I mean, the ones where a small photograph with a white border [and extra white space on the bottom of the f (MORE)

What camera can take several pictures at once?

This is a disambiguous question but i will try to answer it for you. If you mean that 20 photos have to be taken at exactly the same time then you are talking about needing 20 cameras looped together not cheap. The fastest FPS (frames per second) cameras are ultra expensive and can take photos (MORE)

Does a thermographic camera take pictures?

A thermographic camera is an infrared camera, which captures infrared radiaiton. So, while it captures information, it does not take the same kind of picture a regular camera does.

What camera takes good firework pictures?

There are many different cameras that take good firework pictures. Opt for a camera with nighttime options for picture taking. Do not use flash when taking nighttime pictures in order to get the best color photos.