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A typical fat molecule consists of?

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A couple thousand Nutrinos

Glycerol and three fatty acids
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What does a typical french breakfast consist of?

a typical French Breakfast is made of a hot drink (coffee either black OS associated with some milk, or chocolate, or tea), plus some bread with butter or jam, or chocolate.

What is a fat molecule?

LIPID Fats are formed from fatty acids, tryglycerides, esters of glycerole.

What does a typical German breakfast consist of?

These days the typical breakfast tends to be muesli or cereal, fruit juice and coffee, toast has also become popular. However a traditional breakfast consists of a variety of

What do utilities typically consist of?

  Utilities generally consist of the following: Gas, water, electric, trash, and sewer. Some people consider cable a utility, but it is not a necessity.

What does a typical french lunch consist of?

Main course: Soupe a l'oignon au fromage (french onion soup) Soufflé au fromage (cheese soufflé) Coq au vin (chicken cooked in wine sauce) Steak frites (steak and fries) Pou

What do fat molecules do?

Lipids can do tons of things. They make up the lipid bi-layer in a cell membrane.)Lipids are insoluble by water, so they won't just dissolve) There isn't just one function for

What does a typical Jehovah meeting consist of?

Well, on Sundays it would usually be song, prayer, public discourse, song, Watchtower Study, song, prayer. Thursdays would be Song, prayer, Book Study, Bible study, three 5-mi

What a typical family consist of currently?

In today's modern world joint families are becoming extinct. Only nuclear families are in existence. Hence currently we can say that a typical family consists of parents - fat