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After a divorce how much alimony is paid to ex-wife and if either gets married again is he still obligated to pay and is it based on who earns more who is responsible 2 pay How does it work?

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After a divorce how much alimony is paid to ex-wife and if either gets married again is he still obligated to pay and is it based on who earns more who is responsible 2 pay How does it work?
If a husband files for divorce he can specify that no alimony be paid. If a wife files, she can ask for alimony, but usually it's because she has no income or a very low amount of salary. The wife can ask for whatever amount she wants but the husband can file a paper showing that he can't afford that amount. The judge can decide how much it will be. Usually it's less than half of whatever the spouse earns. Many women don't ask for alimony. In most divorces women don't pay alimony to men. If you have a rich wife you could get it. If the woman (or man) receives alimony and gets married - the alimony stops. If the person who pays alimony gets married they still have to pay it.
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