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hey how you doin i need a job after school .
how can you help me to find one .
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Can a 16 year old get a job at GNC?

The company policy is to hire 18 years and older because working at GNC requires cash handling and key handling. However, I was hired at 17 (corporate store, not a franchise),

Jobs for 16 years old?

we'll I'm 16 years old and i have a job at burger king it's not the best job but for right now as a teen you can work some where that's small of some sort. i don't like my job

Jobs for 15 year olds in ny?

  NYC SYEP for summer Jobs at minimum Wage. Acceptance is based on Lottery. You also have to attend the workshops. Ask your Guidance Counselor or Google it when it comes C

What jobs can a 16 year old apply for?

  You can try golf courses for cutting grass ,in preparing the courses for its daily routine, are so many task that needs to be done,rake sand traps relocate new cup posit

Is there a job for 16 year olds?

    In Iceland, a country in Europe, children as young as 12 can have a job. This job is usually gardening privately or government controlled companies.     Als

Jobs for 14 year old in NY?

  When You Turn 14 . . .   You can work in an: office, grocery store, retail store, restaurant, movie theater, baseball park, amusement park, or gasoline service statio

Where can a 16 year old girl get a job in Brooklyn ny 11216?

  If you don't want to bother with working papers you can try local pizza shops, candy/card stores, or if you want to get working papers you could try CVS stores, McDonald
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What job can you get as a 16 year old?

babysit, life guard, umpire, private coach, tutor, walk dogs, dog  sit, mow lawns, check the local town center for summer camps, swim  lessons, secretary work, retail (you u