After talking to Cresselia and going to Marine resort team raider is at the beach what should you do?

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Nothing. It's just a cameo.
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How do you get marine resort?

firstly you must defeat darkrai then when your life goes back to normal in the game do some jobs (1 per day) and on the fourth day chatot will be telling you manaphy has retur

Where did cresselia go?

its starts roaming the map of sinnoh.. exactly like mesprit did. Just cresselias harder to catch!

Why is team raider at the beach?

Team Raider is at the beach because Digletts dad, Dugtrio, was training at the shore and he was drowning so when Team Raider got there they saved Dugtrio . After that i do

What is Marine resort?

It is a place where you can find a lot of is also a place for weak pokemon. it is 19 floors ;-)

How can you go to marine resort?

You first have to recruit Manaphy and do a couple of jobs. A few days later Manaphy will wake you up and tell you about Marine Resort.

How do you get team raider to go to wigglytuff?

Sorry, but you can't. It turns out that they just stay there forsome odd reason. I think it's because ifyou were to talk to wigglytuff after you finished the game, he says

What should you do if your boyfriend is going into the Marines?

Support him and his decisions no matter what. Or: Consider something from Tammy Wyenette like " Stand By Your Man". Or: Try a listen to Englebert Humperd
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Do you need riolu to go to marine resort to in explorers of sky?

I started with Riolu and went to the Marine Resort (18F). I'm gonna say no? Is there any glitches in your game? Does anything freeze? That could be the problem or somewhat
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What MOS should you go for in the Marines?

I ASKED THIS QUESTION** but don't know how to add extra detail. Anyways, I just got processed and made it through MEPS, and I qualified for infantry. I want to fight, but I al
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Where are all the treasure chests on go vacation in the marine resort?

One is in the bay at the bottom right of the map. What you have to do is go up the left grassy bank until you are on the top of the cliff. Use an atv and line yourself up so t