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What did the Cherokee Indians contibute to the US?

The Cherokee in particular contributed a wealth of medicinal knowledge, Aspirin for example (made from the bark of the willow tree). The story of the snake, or Law of the Snake was used by the US Militia in the slogan "Don't tread on me." The game "Lacrosse" was invented and played by native American's and 'discovered' by Europe. Native American's as a whole can be credited with contributing to most aspects of modern society, at least in part: "Hey" as a greeting - from the Lenapi word for hello - hey (phonetic). The Presidential Seal, the Seal of the United States - adapted from the confederated Iroquois nations. Potatoes - contrary to popular belief the Irish and Russian's imported the Potato from America (they had never seen it before). Birth Control Pill - believe it or not, was developed using a legend of the 'red potato' to avoid becoming pregnant. Names of a great number of cities, land marks, rivers, etc. from the original native names.

When did the Cherokee Indians live?

They origanally lived in Georgia, North and South Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Alabama, and Arkenses .

What is the Cherokee Indian symbol for family?

how do u say family in native American Cherokee and the symbol tsidanalu... family O'siyo tsidanalu, ulihelisdi .... Greetings my family, welcome. Those aren't symbols, they're words in the language.

How do the Cherokee Indians respect for nature?

This is a cultural / religious question that European society has been trying to write about, as well as understand for as long as they have been exposed to native Americans. There is no easy or simple answer to this question and it would take years of study for you to even begin to understand the stories and concepts involved. As the simplest (and wholly lacking) answer: Native Americans had a deep respect for EVERYTHING - in the world view of a Indian a rock was equal to a man in rights, as well as respect. As a very real rule, that is about the best answer you will get from any tribal member - as they have given up on trying to get 'whites' to understand these relationships.

Place of worship for Cherokee Indians?

Cherokee's had a very specific spot and time of worship, much like European religions. To find a Cherokee Church, please look to the north - see that tree on top of the hill almost outside your vision, that is one corner - now repeat this in all compass directions. Once you have located 'that spot' you are in the center of the Cherokee Church. Time was a bit harder to determine, this may take you a bit. Please wait till Dawn, now count forward 24 hours and 59 seconds - but ONLY do that TODAY. You cannot wait till tomorrow, and yesterday is too late. You have now chosen the holy day of the Cherokee People. Now that you have the spot and the time you must now repeat after me for our opening prayer, quote " ." [Smartellic answer truncated] I'm sorry if this answer seams to be pointed, but the concepts of religion between Europeans and natives are exact opposites. Eurpoean religions hold that certain days are holy and you live your life by 'these standards' which are forgivable for violations either on Sunday and or after death. This fosters our belief as to why your society as a whole is in contradiction to itself, as no act is really a sin and every crime (no matter how heinous) can be forgiven by the act itself - IE: No moral responsibility for actions. Native beliefs were different as every day is holy, every breath an act of the gods, and every act must be atoned for - IE: there is no forgiveness for a 'sin'

What country did Cherokee Indians come from?

The Cherokee are from lands that are now part of the USA. They were originaly a powerful tribe in the region of North and South Carolina and moved successfully to adopt many elements of the surrounding white culture following the American Revolution.. During the Presidency of Andrew Jackson, they were forced to give up their lands and relocate to what is now the state of Oklahoma, but was then called the Indian Territory. Cherokee lawyers appealed the order to mive through the courts and the US Supreme Court foud in their favor, but Jackson refused to comply with their decision. The move from North Carolina to the Indian Territory is called the Trail of Tears because so many died along the way due to the haste required and the poor support offered by government officials.. Some Cherokee ressisted the relocation, took to the hills, and remained in the Carolinas. As a result, the Cherokee now exist as two Tribes, the Eastern Cherokee and the Western Cherokee.

What languages are spoken by Cherokee Indians?

Tsalagi The language that was spoken by the Cherokees is their own nativelanguage. This was a language that was unique. The Cherokee speak, or spoke, around 23 different dialects of "Tsalagi" (Cherokee). Cherokee's spoke (at least) 23 different dialects of Tsalagi.

What right does Cherokee Indians have?

This depends entirely on 'which set' of Cherokee's you are referring to, as there are many different ones. 1) Western Band Cherokee's, members of "The Cherokee Nation" have no rights under their own constitution, or the constitution of the United States - as the BIA's approval process made them a "political state" under the direction and in "Trust" of the United States. (Please note that US Citizens have no constitutional rights under US Supreme Court decisions; any right maybe violated by government and the citizen must know of that right and complain of its violation before they can take advantage of that right.) 2) Eastern Band Cherokee's - members of the enrolled tribal government of that eastern band have no rights, the same as Western Band Cherokee's as they were made citizens of the State of Tennessee (and by proxy United States Citizens) to avoid removal under the Indian Removal Act. 3) Non tribal affiliated Cherokee's - those that have never been a member of the above two nations, or who have expatriated (USC Title 8) and returned to the original Cherokee nation have all rights of freeholder men, and may collectively, as well as individually, invoke the rights of treaties held by that nation as well as carry on negotiations with other nations. (Of course those Indians who attempt this are arrested by Homeland Security as "Domestic Terrorists" and held in jail without trial, in an attempt to silence them by process).

What is the Cherokee Indian translation for strength?

Strength is pronounced "nulinega." Hey there, I am looking for the same thing only I have found two different ways to spell it and I am confused can someone please clarify which is the correct spelling of "strength" in correct Cherokee writing here is what I found ᏄᎵᏁᎬᎬ nu li ne gk gk ᏄᎵᏂᎬᎬ nu li ni gk gk

How do you say Grandma in Cherokee Indian?

Grandmother -- a-li-si (or) e-li-si (or) e-ni-si Grandfather -- e-ni-si (or) a-gi-du-da Source -- Home Page Cherokee Dictionary --

Where are Cherokee Indians from?

The Cherokee tribe originated in North Carolina, eventually spreading throughout the southeastern United States. After people discovered gold on Cherokee land in the state of Georgia, President Andrew Jackson ignored Cherokee land rights, eventually forcing the Cherokee (and many other tribes) to move west of the Mississippi River, into present day Oklahoma. Some Cherokee managed to hide in the mountains of North Carolina, to remain in their homeland. Today, the Cherokee nation is divided into the Eastern Band (in North Carolina) and the Cherokee Nation (Oklahoma).

What are the beliefs of the Cherokee Indians?

\nThe Cherokee revered the Great Spirit, called the Yowa (a name so sacred that only a priest could say it), who presided over all things and created Mother Earth.\n. \nThey held that signs, visions, dreams, and powers were all gifts of the spirits, and that their world was intertwined and presided over by the spirit world.\n. \nThe Cherokee believed that every aspect and thing had a spirit presiding over it, but did not hold a belief in multiple gods. All figures identified as 'gods' were simply greater beings in the Cherokee belief whose names were so great there were no English words for them, and thus they were recognized as 'gods' by Englishmen. However, the Cherokee paid direct respect to and worshipped only Yowa.\n. \nSint Holo: A horned serpent\nTsul 'Kalu: Spirit of the Hunt\nOonawieh Unggi ("the oldest wind"): Spirit of the Wind\nKana'ti ("The Lucky Hunter"): The Great Hunter\nSelu ("maize"): The Corn Woman\nNûñnë'hï: The Spirit People

Where did Cherokee Indian lived?

The Cherokee lived in Northern Georgia, Eastern Tennessee, and Western North Carolina. If you want to be more specific about it though, they usually dwelled by rivers.

Why did the Cherokee Indians wear turbans?

When Mankiller, Stalking Turkey, Little Carpenter and other Chiefs went to England the Ministers of King George thought their appearance too rough or severe to be seen by their Monarch. So they had them change into some clothes left behind by a delegation from India.. The Chiefs brought the clothing home with them and the Turbans and Jackets became highly prized and worn on special occasions. At first the Cherokee (Tsalagi) made more turbans from expensive trade cloths, but with the introduction of the spinning wheel by George Washington the Cherokee made their own cloth and the Turban became regular head wear.. Some of us still wear them to this day.

Who did the Cherokee Indians fight?

the Cherokee Indians fought with Texas and Tennessee settlers, although I'm not sure about anything earlier than that.

What are Cherokee Indian dogs called?

There isn't a "Cherokee Indian dog", if that's what you are asking. However, the word for dog in the Cherokee language is "Gitli", pronounced Gee-(h)lee.

What type of shelter did the Cherokee Indians have?

The Cherokees were the exception to many tribes circular dwellings.They lived in fort-like enclosures. Within those enclosures,extended matrilineal families lived in European-influenced logcabin homes. These homes were generally single story but withwealthy or large families, two stories was not uncommon. When theEuropeans first made contact, the Cherokee had a winter lodge (asi)and a summer lodge (wattle and daub). Cherokees lived in cabins - never in teepees.

Who are the Cherokee Indians?

The Cherokee are a people native to North America, who, at the time of European contact in the sixteenth century, inhabited what is now the Eastern and Southeastern United States. Most were forcibly moved westward to the Ozark Plateau in the 1830s. They are one of the tribes referred to as the Five Civilized Tribes. According to the 2000 U.S. Census, they are the largest of the 563 federally recognized Native American tribes in the United States.. The Cherokee refer to themselves as Tsa-la-gi or A-ni-yv-wi-ya - which literally translates as "Principal People"

What is the Cherokee word for death?

The Cherokee language, also known as Tsalagi, has several words fordeath. These include u-e-wa-tsu, o-yo-hu-sa a-tsi-la,a-yo-hu-hi-s-di, and o-yo-hu-sa. Tsalagi words are always spelledout just like they are pronounced, and vice versa.

About Cherokee Indians?

The Cherokee ate deer, bear, rabbit, fish, berries, nuts, corn,beans, and squash. They lived in North and South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia.

What is the death ritual of the Cherokee Indians?

There are very few questions that are 'out of bounds' religiously speaking. This happens to be one of those very few.. There are several 'accounts' and 'books' that claim to document the practices of a funeral, but please note that each of these admit they were not shown everything and or that they were shown a 'pony show' (fake). Also note, that these rituals varied by clan.

How the Cherokee Indians become the Cherokees?

The name the the Cherokee people call themselves is Tsulagi. When the Anglo explorers first encountered the Cherokee, they had a guide who was a Creek Indian, When they asked him who these people were, he answered "Cherokee"- which is Creek for "Don't understand them.". The CH sound does not exist in the Cherokee language.

Are Iroquois Indian the same as Cherokee Indians?

sort of... the Cherokee Indians originated from the Iroquois Indians maybe but i would say no

What if your grandfather was a Cherokee Indian what percent Cherokee are you?

I am in the same boat grandmother was full blooded cherokee, made my father 50%, and makes his children 25%. Hope this helps. Answer 2: The "Blood Quantum" quoted above is falling into disuse as it cannot be shown through any scientific method how the "Aryan" blood (white blood) causes the non-Aryan blood (Indian blood, Mongrel blood) to be displaced through genetics in any form. To translate this in a form that most can understand: 1) If John, a full blood Indian has a child with Mary, a full white blood person; their children are considered 50/50. 2) If Joe, a full blooded Indian has a child with Sara, a full white blood person; their children are considered to be 50/50. 3) If Joe and John's children then have a child together it is considered to have "less" mongrel blood than Aryan blood; 25/75. The definition as set out above was created by the founders of the Nazi party in Germany, and it is still a cornerstone of their beliefs. The original Native American viewpoint, being expounded again today, follows the basic guidelines that you are as native as you feel and live - to translate; how you live your life defines these things.

What language is spoken by Cherokee Indians?

The Cherokee Indians speak English. However, there is also a Cherokee Language that many of them also speak.

Did the cowboys kick out the Cherokee Indians?

No. The Cherokee were forced out by US soldiers after the government passed the Indian Removal Act in 1837.

How tall were the Cherokee Indians?

From my experience, the shortest (female schoolmate) was about 5'2" and the tallest I've met was about 5'7" (male at festival)

Were the Cherokee Indians violent?

Every Cherokee man became a warrior by law and tradition, but they were peaceful to the Americans before the Trail of Tears. So they probably did like fighting in wars, but were probably not bloodthirsty or violent.

Do Cherokee Indians ride horses?

Horses were very important to the Cherokee, and they still are. However, current reservations are getting increasingly more reliant on technology, so fewer will have a large number of horses as they do not have to rely on them as much. But in the past, horses were of great importance to the Cherokee and other tribes!

What country did the Cherokee Indians migrate from?

They migrated from their ancestral lands, that we now call CherokeeNation. It was located in the southeastern U.S.(in what is now theCarolinas) for hundreds of years, prior to the arrival of Europeanpeople. Answer 2 The Cherokee established their home in the mountains of NorthCarolina, Georgia and South Carolina. Most of the tribe wasrelocated to the Indian Nations in Oklahoma, where they residetoday. This band is known as the Cherokee Nation. The Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation are the descendents ofthose that managed to escape the infamous "Trail of Tears"relocation to Oklahoma. They live on their ancestral lands in theSmoky Mountains of North Carolina, in the town of Cherokee, on theOconaluftee River.

Are Mississippian Indians called Cherokee Indians?

Cherokee Indians are found in Mississippi; and they are sometimes referred to as Mississippi Indians.

What is the Cherokee Indians clothes made out of?

They can be made from plants: dresses, tops, and moccasinssometimes and then they made tops and skirts and moccasins out ofdeerskin. Men wore body paints and tattoos.

How did the Cherokee Indians rule their tribe?

They ruled the Cherokee tribes tribes by seeing who can be a good leader or a good chief

What are five facts about the Cherokee Indian?

1. They were natives in S Alleghgeny mountains. 2. They refused $5.7 million dollars to move to the harsh prairie land before 1830. 3. Cherokee,Sioux ,Blackfoot natives have have Japanese Ainu descent 4.Sequoyah their scholarly leader devised syllabary for writing language 5.Their language belongs to the Macro-Sioan family.

What is the meaning of a wolf to the Cherokee Indians?

Waya, the Tsalagi (Cherokee language) word for wolf, means teacher, guide, and pathfinder in the Cherokee tribe (simply put).

Who is the god of death in Cherokee culture?

There is only one God in the Cherokee tribal culture. That is our Creator, Great Spirit. Any other beliefs were created by new age groups or unofficial tribes.

Why did the cherokee indians move west?

because Andrew Johnson signed a bill to remove Indians / forced them to move west to Oklahoma. As known as the trail of tears

How did the Spanish find out about the Cherokee Indians?

The Miccosukee told them along with stories about the fountain of youth and cities of gold so that the Spanish would leave Florida on a wild goose chase.

How do The Cherokee Indian Tribe get their food?

I'm part Cherokee Indian . They use to kill animal and they used spears,and knives. They use to kill animal to wear as clothing.

What Indian tribes are the Cherokee Indians enemies?

The Catawba and other Siouan speaking tribes from the Piedmont of North Carolina in addition to the Tuscarora (Iroquois) in eastern North Carolina. I think also the Seminole. Plus the White People. They kinda did not like Spanish from Spain.

Who caused the problem with the Cherokee Indians?

some ppl say that the early settlers caused a lot of the trouble with the trail of tears and other things

What berries did the Cherokee Indians gather?

they ate all kinds of berries like the ones you eat today. so they ate raspberries, blueberries and so on.

How do Cherokee Indians observe Christmas?

The Cherokee People are of the five civilized tribes and as such lived in a fairly "modern" way, adapting the log cabins of the European Settlers and later in the 1800's some even were mansion owners and slave owners themselves. Early on they learned that to survive they must evolve when the Europeans arrived. They attempted to do this by converting to Christianity. Thus their Christmas has evolved into a Christmas like any others. Complete with tree, trimmings and present exchanging. Needless to say the Trail of Tears happened as the Settlers saw how wealthy and fertile the land was in the Southeast where the Cherokee lived. No matter who, wealthy or poor, the Cherokee were thus driven from their homelands for the new Settlers to take over their homes and lands. Yet today a remnant remains in the east and they too celebrate Christmas as everyone who is a Christian does.

What Cherokee Indians houses were made of?

Many Eastern Cherokee Native Americans were skilled craftsmen/tradesmen, like builders and brick/stone masons. Hopefully those skills continued when the Eastern tribes were forced to relocate West (1820's - 1840's) While many homes were simple wooden structures, prior to the tragic Trail of Tears more and more homes were being constructed of bricks and stones. The Cherokee Nation was the first Native American Tribe to have its own written language, with the alphabet being developed by Sequoya who died in the early to mid 1840's I think.

How did Cherokee Indians gather their food?

the cherokee indians got there food by the women who mad crops and when they were growned they would take them down and make stew or something with it.the me would kill a deer,bufflo or anything for there meat .they cooked beefjerky with the meat too.

How did Cherokee Indians get their cloths?

Most of the clothes worn by the Cherokee Indians were either made from skins or plant fibers.

Are Cherokee Indians nomads or sedentary?

They are sedentary. They stayed in at one settlement and farmed, created houses, and had different roles in society. Okay Your Welcome!

Where in the US did the Cherokee Indians live?

Prior to the white settlers coming to America, the Cherokee Indians mainly lived in the Blue Ridge Mountains areas. After the settlers invaded the southern areas the Cherokee Indians were forced to move west to Oklahoma. This is also known as the Trail of Tears as many Cherokee Indians died during that move.

Where there Cherokee Indians that were Muslim?

No, Cherokee Indians were not Muslim. Neither would they convert to Islam or follow the teachings of the Islamic prophet Mohammad.

Can your baby be Cherokee Indian if the father is Cherokee Indian?

yes... If you are not a cherokee, or come from a cherokee backround then your baby will only half cherokee.