An implantation cause back pain?

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For me it sure did. Everyone is different and some women never even know they are pregnant till after their period is scheduled to arrive. Here are my symptoms:

  • Feb 6 AF was here
  • Deed on 15th and 17th
  • Ovulation might have happened the 18th
  • feb 23 pain in lower left abdomen that wrapped around my back (I think this was implantation pain. Had to bend over a while since I couldn't stand up straight
  • since feb 23 awful pain in my back and all the way down to the back of my knee (sounds like sciatic pain)
  • HPT on march 1st at only three weeks and got a positive result.
  • Blood work confirmed pregnancy on same day at docs office
  • Still have pain in my back

Best of luck to you
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