And can say nothing no not for a king?

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What do you say when you have nothing to say?

When your talking with someone, and have run out of things to say, and you still want to keep up a conversation, just ask what they like to do or if they know one of your frie

I have nothing to say?

I recall this as an oft used quote by Oliver Hardy. Usually said to Stan Laurel. With a flourish. I have Nothing to say.

Who is king nothing that metallica sings about?

the song is about materialism, wanting to have a lot and the fear of losing everything... i remember that i read an interview about lars and he said that king nothing is about
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What is a word to say when you have nothing to say?

"Yeah.." "Mhm.." Or just smile and nod. If you mean "How do you break an awkward silence?", just try tothink of something slightly interesting about what you've done thisweek