Are Jamaican scorpion venom fatal?

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All I can say is that I've seen many people get stang by scorpions in Jamaica, though it didn't happen to me, and nobody I know ever died of it.

It is painful; it swells a bit, but within a few hours it's all gone. I'm talking about scorpions we used to find near banana trees in St Elizabeth.

Still, remember, you never know you're allergic until it happens so better not try and find out if you are, keep your eyes open and don't move stones or leaves with your hands or bare foot as scorpions hide in the shade under sticks, leaves or rocks. They are not aggressive and tend to sting only if disturbed.

They're more afraid of you than you should be of them!

If you get stang and symptoms still show after one day, see a doctor. If at any time your breath gets short, you feel strong stomach pain, headache, fever, rush to ER.

In all cases do not panic it works against you. And don't hate scorpions, they have their part to play in the ecosystem.

Bless and Love
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