Are MARSOC marines just as well trained as Navy SEALs because people keep saying that SEALs are better trained and that MARSOC sucks?

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Well trained is the question. All members of the United States Military are the most well trained. Whatever the job or function. All jobs matter. All take pride in their ability to perform their tasks as well as training and American heart can muster!!! And so, as a former Navy Seal, I can oddly say that I have huge respect for the Marine Corps and all of their people. To say that any of us suck would require an a*s kicking, even if on the Marine Corps behalf. After all, we are all Navy!!!
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Who is better Marines or Navy Seals?

There are a lot of bogus answers out there about the differentbranches and who is better... Here is a real life & unbiasedexample from a USMC Veteran. Marine's and Navy Seals

What is MARSOC?

MARSOCs primary roles are Direct Action, Special Reconnassance, and Foreign internal defense. Their other roles are Counter-terroism, Information operations, and Unconventiona

What is the difference marine force recon training and navy seals?

The SEALs obviously are more versatile in their missions but other than that not very much except for marines you must have your first enlistment which is four years before yo

Are US Marines better trained than US Navy SEALs?

No, the SEALs are specialists, whereas Marines are standard military - excellent standard - but the SEALs have gone far ahead of them in their training. It honestly depends

Who is better a navy seals or a marines?

Seals and Marines have different missions. Each is very good at what they do, and there is not a "better" answer here. Sort of like which is better- a motorcycle or a boat? Ea

How long do Navy SEALs train?

2 months Navy basic training (boot camp), 2 months BUD/S Prep, 6 months BUD/S training, and 7 months SQT Training. So roughly a year and a half.
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What is navy seals training called?

BUD/s Basic Underwater Demolition School is required for all SEAL's but to get the trident they must also pass Jump School and SQT SEAL QUalification Training.
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Who has better training army or navy seals?

I think your question is incomplete. But if you are comparing a person who has only been to army basic training and a trained navy SEAL. The answer is obvious. If you want to