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What is the use of annuities in insurance?

Answer . I can answer from a claims perspective. I have settled many claims with minor children using annuities. For example a 10 year old child is hurt in a car accident,

Is safe auto insurance a real insurance company or a scam?

I have insurance with State Farm and pay by monthly deduction since  that fits my cash flow best. Every month I get a call from Safe  Auto telling me that my coverage has la

What is annuities related to the insurance company?

Annuities are purchased from insurance companies. The insurance company take the money and invests it to try to make more money for the investor. They pay the buyer back in i

Are annuities safe during depression?

  "Safe" is a relative term. No financial vehicle is entirely safe because there are a number of risks to your money, inflation risk, market risk, credit risk, etc. An exc

What happens to variable annuities when the insurance company goes bankrupt?

Generally, when an insurance company goes bankrupt, the guarantees that are being offered on the contract are gone. For instance, if you have a death benefit, or a income guar

What is the average insurance annuities in the United States?

"In the U.S. an annuity contract is created when an insured party, usually an individual, pays a life insurance company a single premium that will later be distributed back to

How safe is a transAmerica annuity?

  My experience with them has been a nightmare. I signed up for an annuity with a 5% guaranteed growth per year no matter what the market did. However if the market did be

How safe is your annuity with western National Life Insurance Company?

  Western National Life Insurance Company (NASDAQ: NWLI) was upgraded recently to an "A" (excellent) rating from "A-" by A.M. Best Company based on a conservative investme

How is your Annuity insured?

Usually it is backed by the financial strength of the issuing insuance company. Answer 2 But more usually government bonds are bought to cover the payments to be made by th

What is the difference between life insurance and annuities?

Life insurance protects one's beneficiaries against financial loss as a result of the purchaser's dying too soon, while annuities protect purchasers against financial loss as

It is safe to buy private health insurance from an online company?

Before purchasing health insurance through a private provider online, be sure to check their credentialse with the Better Business Bureau. Even if all information is still saf

How do you get a claim form for Monumental Life Insurance Company for an annuity policy?

If you have an agent I would contact them for this information. If not you can contract the company directly and they can provide whatever you need. You may even be able to do