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Yes, people have equal rights and protection under Italian law. But that's the way things are on paper. So no, in actuality, they may not be equal because of cultural, economic, political and social differences and gaps. For example, southern cultures, economies and societies historically may have been disadvantaged in comparison to northern Italy. But that was somewhat due to geography and to centuries of differential foreign domination, such as that by the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

People throughout Italy recognized what foreign powers were doing to the peninsula and the islands. So they managed to unite to form the successful 19th century movement of national resurgence, 'il Risorgimento'. As a result of that movement, a united Italy tried a monarchical model of government, from February 18, 1861 until May 9, 1946.

But monarchical governments may be elitist. With the end of the Second World War, Italy in fact discarded the monarchical model. The country still didn't end up as a democracy, which is the political theoretical model that holds true to all of a country's people as equals. Italy instead is the next best thing, in terms of political theories. It's a parliamentary republic, in which elected officials represent the well being of all of the people of the peninsula and the islands. So the Italian national and the various regional governments are cooperating in removing historic imbalances. For example, Sicily is across the Straits of Messina from southern Italy. It now benefits from an autonomous status that protects the island's uniquely beautiful cultural, linguistic and social expressions.

No. GLBT people certainly do NOT have equal rights in Italy mainly because of the homophobic Vatican and the antigay mafia.
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