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Are personal injury for mental anguish taxable in Canada?

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How can you win a personal injury case?

By having the facts on your side, proving negligence and proving damages.Contact a lawyer, they could give you specific information based on the details of your case.Contactin

Do you have a case for a personal injury claim?

You have a personal injury case if you can prove that you  were hurt, physically or emotionally by someone else's negligence.  This can be a car accident, medical profession

Is a suicidal person mentally ill?

They can be. Usually if someone is suicidal they are depressed, and Depression can be caused by a mental disorder

What are the characteristics of a mentally healthy person?

The characteristics of a mentally healthy person: Positive Self-Conceptlooks at things positivelySense of Responsibilityaccepts responsibilities for their actionsBetter Relat

Can you get mentally ill from living with a mentally ill person?

Well according to a psychiatrist I spoke with personally a while back it is possible to have a 'mass psychosis' where two or more people experience the same symptoms as each o

Can you sue someone for mental anguish and theft without hiring an attorney?

    Lawsuits       You can sue anyone you wish for any amount of money without a lawyer provided you have a valid claim against the other party.   

What are the characteristic of a mentally healthy person?

self acceptance - ability to accept strengths and limitations realistically; perceives reality accurately; has the capacity to feel in control of self and the environment; has

Are personal loans from family taxable?

The loans themselves are not taxable. The interest paid on the loans are taxable to the lending relative. Also, if the rate being charged is lower than the Applicable Federal

A mentally unstable person likes me what do I do?

People can be mentally unstable in many ways and its not always a bad thing. If you're in a school for example then be his/hers friend as much as needed. No one really likes t

What are the attributes of a mentally ill person?

Some attributes of a mentally ill person include irrational actions, an inability to communicate, and a lack of social skills. Most people with mental illness can be treated w

Canada short term disability is it taxable income?

If you are referring to Short-Term Disability Insurance, it is taxable if your employer made the contribution, and not taxable if you made the contribution. This is because it
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How can depressants affect a person mentally?

They can slow down your central nervous system (Brain)

What is the definition of a mentally healthy person?

The definition of a mentally healthy person would include the  capacity to have abstract thought and the capacity to deal with  emotions effectively. A mentally healthy pers
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When do you need a personal injury lawyer?

You need a personal injury lawyer in any issue that involves an  accident, injury, negligence, body altercation, in other issues.   The types of injuries and accidents al

Can a soon to be ex wife be charged with stalking if she follows her soon to be ex husband around and calls him on the job on the company cell phone causing him mental anguish?

Yes, an ex wife who is following her ex husband (whether they are divorced or not) in any area; standing outside his place of residence; harassing him at work by phone or turn

How do you get a personal injury claim?

You should talk to a lawyer about trying to get a personal injury claim. Insurance companies go by different rules with every state, so consult a lawyer before you file. If