Are there any laws on children riding in the back of SUVs that do not have a 3rd row seat?

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If you mean behind the second row, yes, it's illegal. And it's extremly unsafe even if it is legal. There may be a few "behind the times" states that still have the law that as long as all seat belts are in use, people can sit behind the seat or in laps, but that doesn't mean this should be done. It is very unsafe.ans can cause serius injury or death
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What is the law in Minnesota about children riding in the front seat of a vehicle?

Answer . Found on HometownSource - Ask a Trooper:. There are no height or weight requirements, and it is legal for anyone of any age to sit in the front seat (except an infant in a rear-facing infant seat) in front of an airbag, so yes. However, nationally, we don't recommend that any child unde (MORE)

What is the law about children riding in the front passenger seat of a vehicle in Wisconsin?

I've been trying to find out the same thing for myself. I found this "Safety Tip" on Brown County's website, but it doesn't actually state whether this is a law or simply a recommendation: With airbags having the expansive force behin (MORE)

What is the law in Arkansas about children riding in the front seat of a vehicle?

A.C.A. § 27-37-702. Seat belt use required -- Applicability of subchapter. (a) Each driver and front seat passenger in any motor vehicle operated on a street or highway in this state shall wear a properly adjusted and fastened seat belt properly secured to the vehicle. (b) This subchapt (MORE)

What is the law in Texas about children riding in the front seat of a vehicle?

Not prohibited unless not secured in safety seat or with the following conditions. . Texas Occupant Restraint Laws . Relevant statutes: . Child passenger safety seats . Safety belts . Riding in open beds . Vernon's Texas Statutes and Codes Annotated Transportation Code . Chapter 545. (MORE)

What is the Virginia law on children riding in the front seat of a car?

I am also researching this question. So far, I can only find information that says there is "no law" mandating this, but "children are always safer in the the back seat," and it is "recommended" that children ride in the back through age 12. If you have a truck, I do think you have to disable the pa (MORE)

What is Utah law for children riding in the front seat of a car?

I found a really helpful PDF put out by the Utah Safety council. According to it, there is no law regarding children riding in the front seat of the car: It is recommended that children under age 12 ride in the back seat, or to turn the (MORE)

What is the law in Michigan for children riding in front seat?

A child must be 11 and above to sit in the front seat. Any child under the weight of 75 lbs should be in the back seat. If you are under the age of eight you should be in the back seat with a booster seat. If your car does not have a back seat, then your child should still sit in the front but still (MORE)

Can 3rd row seat work as 2nd row seat?

Any seat could work with safe installation...welding is the most solid way to add seating. You can purchase extra seating online. One site I know of is

Are there any teens or children on death row?

In the US . No. The US Supreme Court ruled in Roper v. Simmons, (2005) that it is unconstitutional to execute an offender for crimes committed while under the age of 18. This overturned two relatively recent rulings in Thompson v. Oklahoma, 487 US 815 (1988) and Stanford v. Kentucky, 492 US (MORE)

At what age can children ride in front seat of the car in Colorado?

The Colorado Department of Transportation Frequently Asked Questions web page states that "Colorado law stipulates that children under 1 year & under 20 lbs. must ride in the back seat; however, the safest practice is to keep children in the back seat until they turn 13." Being able to sit in the f (MORE)

Is it legal to add a seat belt in back of SUV?

That probably depends a bit on what country you are in, and what state or province, but in general, yes it is legal to add a seat belt in back of an SUV, as long as the process of doing so does not impair vehicle safety or controllability.

What is the law in Wisconsin about children riding in the front seat of a vehicle?

children younger than 1 and all children who weigh less than 20 pounds are required to be in a rear-facing infant seat; children 1 through 3 years who weigh at least 20 pounds but less than 40 pounds are required to be in a forward-facing child safety seat; children 4 through 7 who both weigh at lea (MORE)

Do any 'standard SUV' in rental company have a third row?

At my rental branch (Enterprise), it depends more on the individual car than the size class. But any vehicle that has a third row will probably be considered a "large SUV" or a minivan. Such cars include the Dodge Journey (not all of these are 3-row, however), the Suburban, Tahoe, Buick Enclave, Esc (MORE)

What is the law in Maryland for children riding on motorcycles?

When is a child old enough to ride a motorcycle? Common sense dictates the answer to this question. The child should be old enough to maintain body control and body support while on the motorcycle, be large enough to wear all of the required protective gear and be able to understand the basic concep (MORE)