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Are there blog sites for kids under 13?

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The best site we have found for our kids (9) and (7) is kidswirl --- they love it and it is similar to Facebook and Myspace --- kids can keep their own blog in their account which is only accessible to their friends.

Yes. you can make your own blog at weebly.
yep,there is a blog, its kiddieskingdom.info

The very first answer isn't true anymore kidswirl has been closed.

Megataylorz: Well, there is Imbee.com and Everloop too.
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What is the largest blog site?

Most likely Tumblr.

How kids under 13 get in to modeling?

Their parents will have to do an online search for modeling agencies in their city/state that represent child models. Visit the websites to find out what the requirements are

What are the best free blogging sites?

Online blogging and digital marketing has  become exponentially more important in an era of social media and  networking. The online explosion has generated over 200 million

Should kids under 13 be able to see PG-13 movies?

well pg-13 means parental guidance till you are 13. just like in pg rated movies pg means parental guidance till your 10. but it also depends if the child is mature. if they a

Can kids have sex under 10-13?

No.Because this cause may aids

Is twitter safe for kids under 13?

Depends on how that kid uses their account on Twitter... No not really if you heard about the website called facebook yeah anyway twitter is as bad as Facebook and no offence

Is Twitter for kids under 13?

its not but there is one for kids its called fbkids

Virtual worlds for kids under 13?

ToonsTunes. It's a virtual world for kids ages 6-14 you get to make an avatar, play music, chat with people, and play games. It's really fun!

Is imvu safe for kids under 13?

Generally,yes. I signed up when I was about twelve, and there wasn't really anything bad. There's nothing really wrong on there. You can perform interactive actions with other

Is there a Facebook for kids under 13?

Yes there is a facebook for kids under 13 years old. The facebook for kids is FBFK (facebook for kids) which is made so kids under 13 can still have facebook. Just remember no

Is there chat rooms for kids under 13?

No 'chat rooms' exactly, but I suppose Club Penguin is one. 2 sign up, first click the box next 2 'i agree to the clubpenguin rules', then continue. Enter your desired penguin

What are good websites for kids under 13?

1. Kidzworld.com   2. Fbfkids.com    3. Clubpenguin.com    4. GGG.com (Only for girls)    5. kidscom.com    6. fbfteens.com (only for teens)    7. pixie

What is the best site for kids under the age 12?

kidswirl.com ---- it is similar to facebook --- but designed for  kids and teens. Great place for kids to connect in a safe  environment.   A site for kids is www.carywo