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Are there blog sites for kids under 13?

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The best site we have found for our kids (9) and (7) is kidswirl --- they love it and it is similar to Facebook and Myspace --- kids can keep their own blog in their account which is only accessible to their friends.

Yes. you can make your own blog at weebly.
yep,there is a blog, its kiddieskingdom.info

The very first answer isn't true anymore kidswirl has been closed.

Megataylorz: Well, there is Imbee.com and Everloop too.
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Is imvu for kids under 13?

You must be 13 or older to use IMVU.   If you're under 18, you must have parental permission to use the site and its products. You can read IMVU's Terms of Service here. 

Is there a site like facebook for kids under 13?

There is: www.eschoolfriends.com kidswirl fbfk.com imbee www.mbk.wall.fm facebookjust4u.wall.fm or http://cfriendstogether.socialgo.com/ it will say 13 or over

What are other social networking sites for kids under 13?

Check out imbee.com! A mashup of the best of the web. The best website for kids ages 7 and up is coming out in May 2011. It is called Snappleberry.com and it is very similar

How can a kid create a site or blog with no email required?

No i don't think so if it happens the mistake is their parents. Because parents r not alert and the children are learning computer in the schools. They may not know to create

Is there a chatting site for kids UNDER 13?

Poptropica- Is a safe site for kids, but gets a little boring after you finish all the quest. Buildabearville- Is a great site where you don't have to have a bear to get in. M