Are there seat belts in the middle for a booster seat?

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no, but you have to connect the seatbelt connected to the actual car to the booster seat. but there is a seat belt in the middle for a car seat.
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Are there booster seats for vehicles without shoulder belts?

All booster seats can be used with a shoulder belt as far as I know. The best are the kind with a back on them. Just follow the directions that come with it. And you can ask s

Can a child sit in the middle in the back with a booster seat with a back?

The question makes no sense. Booster seat in the middles seat of the back of the car.... of course, that would be the safest spot if you have side impact airbags.... Now

Weight to seat in booster seat?

the weight to sit in a booster seat is... 40 pounds AND the age of 4 years, BUT preferably the child is longer.

How does a booster seat differ from a car seat?

A typical car seat has several built in harnesses and their own internal system of restraints designed to help protect young children who are not yet large enough to be protec