Are there swimming pool laws or ordinances in Sacramento County and what are they regarding fences around residential pools and children?

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Yes! State and Federal. Consult with your local Department of Health or your local IPSSA swimming pool organization. There are many chapters in your area.
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Do you have to have a fence around an above ground pool if you live in the county?

Answer . You'll need to see if your county has a code concerning that. We have a pool, but live in the city and our city had a code that was more stringent than the state

Is there a law requiring the owner to fence in a swimming pool in Georgia?

Several states have enacted removable pool fence laws. This law for all pools has reduced the number of drownings significantly. While no fence is unclimbable, the barrier bet

Are there swimming pool fence laws in Alabama?

not that i know of but maybe in your comunity I do not know what kind of a logical answer the above is. Fence laws applyin every city, county, state It is a logical answer b

Who would know if there are swimming pool fence laws in Alabama?

\nCheck with your homeowners insurance. The most important thing is child safety.\n. \n Answer \nIn December of 2007 the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act was s

Are there any fencing regulations for residential swimming pools in Lexington county SC?

As a home inspector, I'm not allowed to cite code. I do, however, advise people to check with, not only, their county but municipality as well. They may impose further regulat