Are there yaks in Zambia?

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No, it is too hot for them. They live on the Tibetan Plateau and the Himalayan region of south Central Asia. Mongolia and into Russia
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What does yak mean?

The yak is a distinctive shaggy Himalayan ungulate , or hoofed mammal , which roams Tibet and parts of China . Yaks are differentiated into a smaller domesticated species and a large, extremely wary wild version. The wild yak is at risk due to destruction of habitat, diseases from domestic yaks, and hunting . The yak is a vital work and food animal in Tibet, where other ungulates could not survive the extreme conditions. . Wild yaks can weigh up to 2200 pounds (1000 kilograms), and stand six feet (two meters) at the shoulder. Domesticated yaks are smaller, but both types of animal have long, shaggy coats and muscular bodies. The yak is also a very surefooted animal, able to navigate extremely hostile terrain in search of food. Yaks are very strong and have a great deal of stamina, sometimes traveling miles to find grazing areas. . Domestic yaks are used to pull loads and plow fields, and are combed for their fur, which is spun and woven into various fiber products. Yak milk is a popular animal product in southern China and Tibet. In some areas the yak is slaughtered, yielding a substantial amount of meat which can be cured and dried for later use. The yak has been used as a domestic animal in Tibet for over three thousand years, and is found widely scattered across Tibet and China. Many zoos display domesticated yaks, which are smaller and more docile than their wild counterparts. . Wild yaks roam in herds of ten to one hundred, and can be found in remote areas where humans have not yet penetrated. They are extremely shy animals, and will gallop at the sign of any disturbance. The hardy animals can survive temperatures below -40 Fahrenheit (-40 Celsius). Wild yaks have a very large lung capacity, which pairs with their thick coat and increased blood circulation to keep the animals warm in extreme conditions. . Due to hybridization with domesticated yaks, the numbers of wild yaks are dwindling. In addition, wild yaks are susceptible to diseases carried by domestic yaks, and to habitat disturbance. Increasing human pressure has caused a decline in viable habitat for the wild yak, and may ultimately cause the yak to disappear in its wild form. . The yak is sometimes called the buffalo of Tibet, because the rugged all-purpose animal has become such a crucial part of Tibetan society. If given good care, a yak can live into its twenties and become a valued member of the family. Females generally produce a single calf in alternate years. The yak is often used in religious ceremonies as well, recognizing the importance of the animal to survival in the extreme environments of Tibet.Some yaks live in the himalyain .

What is a yak?

A wild, shaggy-haired ox (Bos grunniens) of the mountains of central Asia. . A domesticated yak, used as a work animal or raised for meat and milk. Answer The yak is a long-haired bovine found thoughout the Himalayan region of Central-Southern Asia. Although a member of the hoofed bovidae family, the yak is actually a unique species in itself, weighing 700-800 lb (315-360 kg). It differs from other bovines in several of its characteristics - for instance, its tail is similar to that of the horse but is less mobile, having long, thick/wavy hair. The wild yak are bigger and could weight to about 2,200lbs.

Where is Zambia?

Zambia lies in the south of Africa. Zambia shares its borders witha lot of countries. It neighbors the Democratic Republic of theCongo to the north, Tanzania to the north-east, Malawi to the east,Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Namibia to the south, andAngola to the west. Zambia has no coastal line.

What do yaks eat?

Yaks are herbivorous like cows are, so they pretty much eat the same things as cattle do: grass, some twigs off of shrubs and trees, and other forbs that are edible. Grasses, lichens and other plants as available Yaks are very efficient food-converting animals and do well on a variety of pastures with no supplemental feed required. The Yak grazes on grasses, herbs, and lichens. In winter Yaks eat poor coarse grass, withered leaves and twigs, and quench the thirst with snow and ice.

Why is a yak named a yak?

In the Tibetan language, yak is pronounced as "yag"; although in that form, it usually applies to the yak bull - with dri the equivalent Tibetan term for the female yak. Other languages follow this name closely. This use of the same name in numerous languages is considered unusual.

Where do yaks come from?

The wild yak was once numerous and widespread on the entire Tibetan plateau north of the Himalayas. Currently it is found in remote areas of the Tibetan plateau and adjacent highlands, including Gansu Province, China, with a few having been observed in the Chang Chenmo Valley of Ladakh (eastern Kashmir, India).

Are there yaks in Germany?

if the term is the bovine term, Germany does not have the habitat for the yak. If the term applies the aircraft, the yaks were made in russia.

How do yaks live?

Yaks live in the himalayans. Domesticated for centuries, the yak is still found living wild in some parts of its mountain range. With its long, shaggy coat, a yak can survive temperatures as low as - 40"aC (40"af). It grazes on whatever plants are available, including mosses and lichens and can use snow as a source of water.

What color is a yak?

Yaks can come in just about any colour: black, white, brown, tan,or a mix of these colours. Theey are normally shades of brown, but domesticated yaks can bewhite or mixed colors.

What is Yak Tea?

Yak tea is actually best know as butter tea or po cha. It is an interesting tibetan tea that you can drink. For more information, I think you may like to read:

What eats a yak?

nothing The Tibetan wolf is known to kill and eat Yak as well as human beings

What is there in Zambia?

Zambia has a lot to offer in the way of sightseeing. The largest attraction is in the south on the Zambezi River: The Victoria Falls. These spectacular falls are the widest in the world and are over 100 feet tall. The first white man to see them was the missionary-explorer David Livingstone. Zambia also has many national parks and other natural attractions. In the south, there are Kafue NP and Lower Zambezi NP. In the northwest, there is Liuwa Plain NP. In the north and east there are Lake Tanganyika, Shiwa Ng'andu, North Luangwa NP, and South Luangwa NP. Lusaka is the largest urban center

What are facts about a yak?

In winter a wild yak can survive temperatures as low as - 40 degrees (F). . A wild yak doesn't reach full size until 6 to 8 years of age. . In wild yaks, births usually occur in June and a single calf is born every other year. . Dried yak dung is used as fuel in the treeless Tibetan plateaus. . The Sherpas of Nepal call the males of the species "Yak" and the females "Nak," or "Dri." . All yaks also have rainbow milk that tastes very sweet. . There are two species of yaks, domestic and wild. Domestic yaks are smaller, and have a less shaggy coat. . Female and young yaks congregate in large herds, while male adult yaks are more solitary.

Does a yak have wings?

as a four legged animal from Tibet and Mongolia, not one, none. As a Russian aeroplane, two wings.

What do yaks say?

they say i love your mama they are generally silent, but do 'grunt' as a form of communication

What is a yak bell?

a bell that hangs round the animals neck, the animal can be located in difficult circumstances, as the animal walks the bell tolls

Where do yak live?

The Tibetan Plateau, the Himalayan region of south Central Asia and into Mongolia and Russia

What are the adaptations of a yak?

Indigenous mountain animals like the llama, alpaca, and vicuña in the Andes or the yak in the Himalayas are adapted rather than acclimatized to the low oxygen partial pressures of high altitude. Their hemoglobin has a high oxygen affinity, so that full saturation of the blood with oxygen occurs at a lower partial pressure of oxygen. In contrast to acclimatized humans, these indigenous,...

Where is a yak from?

The wild yak was once numerous and widespread on the entire Tibetan plateau north of the Himalayas. Currently it is found in remote areas of the Tibetan plateau and adjacent highlands, including Gansu Province, China, with a few having been observed in the Chang Chenmo Valley of Ladakh (eastern Kashmir, India.

Why are yaks endangered?

Ecssesive hunting has endangered yaks. Throughout history, the domesticated yak of central Asia has provided Tibetan herders with wool, leather, meat, milk, and cheese. It is a beast of burden and its dung is used as fuel and fertilizer. There are many of them. The larger wild yak, however, decimated by hunting, is an endangered species. Once widely distributed in the high valleys and plateaus of Tibet and the adjoining mountain country, the wild yak now survives in scattered, isolated herds in the most remote, inhospitable areas. Although officially protected from hunting and commercial trade, its future may depend on suitable reserves with good pastures and efficient protection.

Is a yak endangered?

Yes yaks are endangered.Uncontrolled hunting by natives and military personnel is the main reason for the wild yaks decline.

How awesome are yaks?

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Are yaks buffalos?

Yaks are not buffalos, in scientific classification they are classed as mammals and belong to the bovidae family. After that there are sufficient differences to make each animal belong to its own scientific group

How was the yak discovered?

Yaks were first domesticated in Tibet during the first millennium BC. Yaks and people discovered each other - just accidentally

Why is a yak called a yak?

Yaks are called yaks because they are derived from the Tibetan word gyag which sounds like "yak" in the English language, and thus is a borrowed word for most languages for both sexes of this bovine-related species. Yak in Tibetan is a word for the male of this species, whereas the female is known as a dri or nak.

What is 'No' in Zambia?

As English is the official language your answer will be 'no'. However In Nyanja, also known as Chewa, 'Lyayi' use strongly, or 'ayi' is more polite

Does Egypt have Yaks?

The yak is a cold high altitude region bovine that could not exist in the sands of Egypt. The yak lifes from the Tibet to the Siberian cold deserts.

How can you protect yak?

you can help keep yaks safe by not hunting them down and keeping their environment safe from any danger or harm

Why are yaks killed?

most yaks are killed for their fur and others are killed because people actually eat them and use all of the yak most people are very inconsiderate of animals and our population is increasing rapidly and soon we won't have enough food for everyone because the way we treat species now and yaks are only one of the many species we dominate and have no consideration for

Why is yak endanagered?

Yaks are only endangered because the species of Bearenstein Bears have wiped them out to a low number. People now are trying to keep all yak away from these vicious bears, but is tough. Yak are quickly decreasing in number.

What is a yaks biome?

The Himalayan region of south central Asia, the Tibetan Plateau and north into Mongolia and Russia

How does a yak eat?

? How does a yak eat? Uh.. Be more specif. Like a yak eats grass with its mouth.. I sorry, i dont know what you mean :\ .

What can yaks do?

The animal, I assume you are thanking about, has been a sours of milk for the people living in North West china. There mead can also be rich sours of nutrias. And lets not forget they can be as soft as a teddy bear.

Are Yaks African?

No. Yaks are found in Nepal, which is a country in East Asia, not Africa.

Can you ride a yak?

Yaks can be ridden, there is also a form of sport where Yaks are raced, there is Yak Polo and Yak skiing, Polo and Skiing mainly for the entertainment of tourists

Is yak endangered?

Wild Yaks are vulnerable, but with domesticated animals there are about 12 million in the world

Do yaks adapt?

they are very well adapted to their own environment in the Himalayan regions, but cannot adapt to living in warmer climates

Why the yaks are vulnerable?

wild yaks are hunted for foods and other products but such hunting,as well as competition with livestock grazing,has led to their populations being listed as 'vulnerable'

Why are yaks dying?

the yak is dying because they are in danger of extinction.and that's because humains kill them for their long hair to make expansive coats and to use their horns too.

How do yaks travel?

Yaks prefer a slow, methodical, meandering walk. However, they can also run as swiftly as a horse with their long hairy tails thrown over their backs, mimicking a flag waving in the breeze as they run. They are very athletic and agile and graceful. It's great fun to watch them move at any pace. Yaks can also carry heavy packs for long distances.

What is a yak and what is it used for?

A yak is an animal, related to the domestic bovine. They can be wild, and hunted for their meat, or raised as domesticated livestock, raised for their meat, milk, hair and muscle power to pull carts.

How does a yak breathes?

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Is yak a noun?

The word 'yak' is both a noun and a verb. The noun yak is a large, domesticated wild ox, used in Tibet as a pack animal and raised for milk and meat. The verb to yak is to talk at length about trivial or boring subjects.

How do yaks reproduce?

Same way all bovines do: Bull mounts cow and inserts his penis into the cow, ejaculates then dismounts.

What can you do save yak?

The best way to preserve wild yaks would be to create some form of sanctuary or reserve for them to live in. This way they can be adequately looked after and care for as well as being protected from poachers and hunters.

Why do need the yaks?

We need the yaks for wool,milk.domestic purpose,fur, draw the plogh in the farms and etc.It is also used in sports.

Is yak a cattle?

no a yak is not a cattle ,cattle is just a fancy word for cows cows are cool.