Baby born at 32 weeks?

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Is the baby okay if he is not kicking much at 31 or 32 weeks?

Sometimes there is less movement when the baby is still growing. Ask your doctor about this. Maybe they can suggest what's called a non-stress test or even an ultrasound. An

Can a baby survive at 32 weeks?

At 32 weeks a baby would generally survive, however may need to be in an incubator for a while and have some help breathing

Can a baby survive if it is born at 32 weeks?

At 32weeks 85% of infants survive. They still need a lot of help and will usually stay in the NICU until the original due date. They can have learning problems and development

What if your baby is too big at 32 weeks?

Answer . Answer. Some babies are large at birth. That means, at 8 ounces growth per week for the last few weeks, that changes are noticeable. Pregnant women can look diffe

How long are you or the baby at risk after taking ibrophen at 32 weeks?

It is unlikely you or your baby will suffer any ill effects. Many studies have been done with inconclusive results. The feeling is that you should avoid it after the 3rd trime

Can a baby survive born a 32 weeks?

A baby can survive at 24 weeks. we have better technology these days where anything is possible. If you had a baby at 32 weeks she will most likely have to stay in the hospita

What does the average baby weigh at 32 weeks?

Hey! My baby weighed almost 4 pounds when I was 32 weeks. They gave me a sonagram and found out that way. Im 34 weeks now (due date Feb.17,2009) and I can tell he has grown al

Is a baby healthy being born at 32 weeks?

At 32 weeks, it is very likely that the baby would survive, however he or she may need to have a short stay in the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) to have some help with breathi

Can baby surive born at 32 weeks?

Absolutely. After 7th month onwards the baby is just growing inside the womb and does not really lack any critical organ development.

32 weeks too soon for baby to be in position for labor?

No, it could be time, the baby could be in position. However, if this is the case you're baby will be premature. My mother had my little brother when she was 33 weeks and some
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Is flying at 32 weeks safe for the baby?

Check with your air line because they have restrictions about how far along you can be.Also check with your Dr to be sure you are healthy enough to fly. Most air lines require
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What if your baby hasn't turned at 32 weeks?

Less chance because of the growing fetus but you can ask the suggestion of an aversionist, a doctor specialized in manuevering the position of the baby with the use of an ultr