Best eyeshadow colour to make bluegreen eyes stand out?

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definetly anything in the purple/red family. plum, mauve, maroon, dark rusty colors. all look amazing  Mocha, chocolate brown, strawberry. Creamy and light colors would look great. A touch of glitter could even help. Creamy, rich colors are perfect for bluegreen eyes. And red, orange, rust-red, yellow, ark purple, lilac, lavender, maroon, red-violet, violet, rusty and sunny colrs would look nice, too.

I have blue green eyes, and I use purples, blues and pinks. With the yeliner, I use black..alot of it :)
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What is the best color of eyeshadow for blue eyes?

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well u cant really if u find some its rare rainbow eyeshadow used to be used by theatre stars on broadway in the 1980's but u can take a very thin brush of some sort and t
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