Can a US citizen sponsor their stepchild if the marriage creating the step relation was on the child's 18th birthday?

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No, child is not considered to be a stepchild under US immigration law unless the marriage occurred prior to his/her 18th birthday.
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Is a child born in Mexico a US citizen if the child's father is a US citizen?

If both parents were US citizens and married before the birth, the the child is automatically a US citizen; birthplace is irrelevant. However, if only one parent was a US citizen at the time of the birth , it gets a little trickier. It depends on when the child was born (laws change), however since (MORE)

Can a US citizen sponsor an adult immigrant that is not a relative?

Unfortunately the answer is NO! I'm sorry. I have been dealing withthis one for over 4 years now with my Mother-In-Law, andSister-in-Law. They're from Scotland. I married my wife over therein Scotland (I was born in California). Anyway, I WAS able tosponsor my wife and her kids from a previous marri (MORE)

How does a US citizen dissolve a foreign African marriage Nigerian?

Ans 1: Do not marry a Nigerian. They are all up to no good. There are very few nigerians who marry Americans for love. There is always something behind the scence. Just don't do it. Ans 2: I would say stay away from Nigerians at all cost. They are greedy and hateful and do not like Americans. (MORE)

How do you become a US citizen through marriage if you live in the UK?

In order to obtain US citizenship, you must marry a US citizen in the first place. Your fiance must file a "fiance visa" which will award you temporary status in the US. You must then apply for permanent residency via the I-485 application (greencard.) Then, you must wait an indefinite number of yea (MORE)

Can an illegal alien become legal by marriage to a US Citizen?

Answer . No, but the person you marry can sponsor your citizenship making it easier. It takes about a year, because the us citizen will be investigated and both people have to prove that it is a real marriage and not a ploy just to get citizenship.

How long does marriage have to last to be US citizen?

It almost sounds like you think they automatically become a citizen after you're married for a certain length of time? If that's what you're thinking, you're wrong. Being married to a US citizen just decreases the amount of time (from 5 years to 3 years) they have to wait before they can apply f (MORE)

Will a illegal alien who married a US Citizen be deported after marriage?

First, When the INS catches the illegal alien, they WILL be deported. After paying a $1,000 fine, and waiting 3 to 5 years, the alien may then apply for a marriage visa, a green card, and citizenship in the US at the Embassy in his native Country. If the US Embassy determines that the alien had made (MORE)

Is a child born in Mexico a US Citizen if the child's mother is a US Citizen?

If both parents were US citizens and married before the birth, the the child is automatically a US citizen; birthplace is irrelevant. However, if only one parent was a US citizen at the time of the birth , it gets a little trickier. It depends on when the child was born (laws change), however since (MORE)

Can a us citizen sponsor you to live legally in the US?

A citizen of the United States or an organization or business cansponsor a person or family to live in the United States. Thecitizen must prove that he or she can provide financially for theimmigrant until employment is secured.

What is the process of Immigration Marriage to a US citizen? http:/ I hope these blogs can help you; the first one it's very complete because the girl already got her green card and the second one it is new so has more updated information but she is still doing th (MORE)

Marriage to a US citizen?

There are many people who can marry a US citizen. Marriage to a UScitizen happens with many other US citizens.

How can a US citizen sponsor an immigrant he is married to?

It's not an easy task but there are ways to sponsor your spouse. First of ask around other immigrants, they probably know of places that can help you know where to start. There are people out there who dedicate much of their time to helping immigrants gain citizenship. There isn't much help on the I (MORE)

What is the law related to US citizens?

I assume you mean to be a citizen. In order to be a U.S. citizen you must be born here and have a U.S. Birth certificate, or apply for a green card and become a U.S. citizen. To receive a green card you must take a U.S. citizenship test in order to prove you have knowledge any U.S. citizen would.

If an immigrant became a us citizen by marriage what happens if they divorce?

Nothing all the INS forms are still binding agreements. And the sponsor has to maintain 125% of the poverty level .. They aren't citizens of the US merely permanent residents. That stuff about being a citizen at marriage is so sold school it merely be another regular divorce.. divorce does not term (MORE)

Can guy marriage make a person a US citizen?

No. The condensed version is: For an immigrant to marry a US citizen it does not grant them citizenship. They have to first obtain their green card (after marriage), then if they want to become a US citizen, they must apply for US citizenship. Then to become a citizen of the US, they have to apply (MORE)

When i get us citizenship after marriage of US citizen?

The applicant is a permanent resident ("green card" holder) with valid green card for a period of the past 5 years. If married to U.S. Citizen you may apply after 3 years with valid green card. One exception prevails - if an applicant has served in the United States armed forces during war, that ind (MORE)

Does marriage to a US citizen confer citizenship on you?

Basic criteria to be eligible for US citizenship is to be a green card holder and above 18 years of age. Through the marriage to a US citizen the spouse can get green card after the third anniversary. Following which he or she qualifies to apply for US citizenship using the immigration Form N-400 ca (MORE)

Can a step parent spank his or hers stepchild?

NO! if they are and its out of control call 9-1-1 its free and it doent show up on phone records! Answer The parents should discuss the matter and agree on the course of action. If it is not life threatening or a beating, then 911 is like using a sledge hammer where a small mallet would do.

How do you get green card after a marriage with a US citizen in US?

Individuals who obtain a Green Card through marriage to a U.S. Citizen are granted "Conditional" Green Card status, which is only valid for two years. Individuals who have been granted Conditional Green Card Status are required to apply to remove the Conditions on their Green Card within 90 days of (MORE)

Who would a Ghana citizen apply to for a marriage visa to marry a us citizen?

For anybody to marry a US citizen they need to either marry outside US and enter using K-3 visa else as a fiance(e) they can enter US using K-1 visa but should get married to the US citizen within 90 days from the date of arrival. For either of the processes applicant needs to contact the United (MORE)

Who can be sponsored to become a US citizen?

No one needs sponsorship to become a US citizen. Foremost criteria for becoming a US citizen is that you need to be a green card holder first.Any one who is above age of 18 years and has been in US as a green card holder for the past minimum 5 years can go ahead and apply for US citizenship by filin (MORE)

How long to you get your green card after your marriage to US citizen?

If either of the spouse is a US citizen and another is an alien, once they get married the alien is given the conditional status which is valid for 2 years. 90 days or less before the conditional status expires the US citizen needs to file to remove the conditions using Form I-751 for the alien spou (MORE)

Can a step parent file for legal custody of a stepchild?

Generally, no. However, a step-parent can obtain custody under limited extraordinary circumstances. The party should consult with an attorney who specializes in custody issues who can review the situation and explain the options, if any.