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Can a baby be born with hepatitis c?

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Can you get a tattoo if you have Hepatitis C?

  Answer   It would be extremely ill advised. If you have hep C and your blood or other bodily fluids or your tissue contaminates the artist they retain the right to

What is borderline hepatitis c?

"Borderline" means 2.76, if you have less then 2.76 it means its negative and if you have more then 2.76 then its positive but 2.76 is considered as "Borderline". If you have

Why give a baby a hepatitis shot?

  Vaccinations are intended to prevent diseases - they are much less useful if given after exposure to the disease. It makes sense to vaccinate children before they have m

What is the mode of transmission in hepatitis C?

My long time partner, heterosexual, of 27 years has been having a 5 year affair with a co-worker whose husband is HVC positive from kidney dialysis. He does not know if the gi

Is hepatitis c contagious?

  Yes, it is contagious, and is most often spread contact through infected blood.

Can you give yourself Hepatitis C?

No. Hepatitis C isn't developed in used needles, it's spread by them. So if you are the only user of an IV needle and have tested negative for Hep C, you cannot infect yoursel

How do you not get Hepatitis C?

Don't share needles, or engage in any risky behavior that involves the possibility of blood transfer. Hep C is a blood born pathogen, and despite the many propaganda, fear-bas