Can a convicted felon become a certified medical coder in the state of Florida?

To the best of my knowledge this occupation is not licensed or regulated by the state, but there is no way to answer this question. Private employers set their own criteria for hiring employees.
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Can a convicted felon be an executor of a will in Florida?

Certainly not while they are still incarcerated in prison. However, other than that, as long as their actions are accomplished in accordance probate law, yes. If the deceased (MORE)

Can a convicted felon become a lawyer in the state of Ohio?

Yes, the Ohio bar association's policy is to review all applicants with a felony conviction. Many aggravating and mitigating circumstances will be considered; including nature (MORE)

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Can a convicted felon become a medical tech?

Yes and no. While If you were convicted of a felony you may not receive Federal Student Aid. However, most employers will not hire anyone who has been convicted of a Felony wi (MORE)

Why are you interested in becoming a medical coder?

This is a type of question that you may be presented with at a job interview.It is intended to get you to talk about yourself in an informal way and to help the interviewer to (MORE)

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