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Can a convicted felon become a certified medical coder in the state of Florida?

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To the best of my knowledge this occupation is not licensed or regulated by the state, but there is no way to answer this question. Private employers set their own criteria for hiring employees.
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Can a convicted felon get a Florida state dental hygiene license?

No, there's no way the state that you or anybody's living in would  let you acquire a State License for the trade or career courses  you're interested in. I already tried fo

Can a convicted felon become an Emergency Medical Technician in the State of Florida?

  I live in Kentucky, and I am also a convicted felon. My felony charge was 9 years ago. Last year I wanted to go to school to be and EMT. The technical college that I wan

If a convicted felon in Florida goes to college can they earn a degree or become certified at any profession?

  Contingent upon the felony, you may be required to seek court approval.     Within certain careers, such as Accounting, Business, or Law, if convicted of a federa

Can a convicted felon become an emergency medical technician?

  EMT's are generally governed by a state commission. While rules vary from state to state, most frown on convicted felons becoming certified as EMT's. Some commissions wi

Can a convicted felon become a teacher in Florida?

I am a convicted felon and I am teaching in 2 florida community colleges. However, my crime was not a crime of "moral turpitude". Most felonies are, and crimes of moral turpit

Can a convicted out of state Florida felon buy a gun?

No. A convicted felon is a convicted felon regardless of WHERE they go or live in the US. Note: Use caution if you're even thinking about it! The federal punishment for felon

Can a convicted felon get married to an illegal Mexican in the state of Florida?

Does the felon have the ability? Yes. There are certainly ways this can be accomplished. And, anyone can certainly enter into marriage with just about anyone in the US (with e

Why are you interested in becoming a medical coder?

This is a type of question that you may be presented with at a job interview. It is intended to get you to talk about yourself in an informal way and to help the interviewer t