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Can a convicted felon get a Certificate in Medical Billing Coding?

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Yes and in medical transcription too. You do not do hands on patient care. Now, can you get CERTIFICATION through AHIMA is another question. I've never seen any criminal background check type of questions on their applications. I know that www.med-certification.com doesn't require a criminal background check. You can also work in the field in a doctors office w/o any certification, but most hospitals do want the AHIMA certification or the CPC.
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How long does it take to get certification in medical billing and coding?

You can take an online course, and then sit for the credentialing exam of your choice. It only takes a few months to learn to code and do billing compared to about 2 to 3 year

Medical billing and coding certification complition to indicate in a resume?

I'm not sure that I understand the question. If you have coding certification through AHIMA or Med-certification.com DO mention that in your resume or always bring your certif

Can convicted felons become Medical Assistants?


Can a convicted felon become a medical tech?

Yes and no. While If you were convicted of a felony you may not receive Federal Student Aid. However, most employers will not hire anyone who has been convicted of a Felony wi

How to get a certifications in medical billing and coding?

Go to your local college and sign up for classes. Some vocational schools like Everest and Heald offer a 12 month program where you are in out in a matter of time. Junior coll

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You can easily find one online. Not a lot of schools are offeringtraining in medical billing and coding. In a lot of places, mosttraining providers are those companies that ar

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Medical billing and coding is one of the fastest growing careersin the medical records and healthcare information management field,according to the Bureau of Labor and Statist

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Medical billing and coding certificate is not like a college coursethat has credits for the subjects/courses to be taken. Medicalbilling isn't exactly popular among people in
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Medical billing isn't exactly popular among people in the alliedhealthcare field. And who could blame them? Most people have anatural aversion to numbers. But what not a lot o