Can a convicted felon get a barber's license in Florida?

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future barbers and cosmetologist's.
I Have 5 felonies on my record drug and theft related. The process through the state takes forever. But yes you can!!!!!!!! You have to go through school and submit you application through the state(dbpr). They will ask for some court document's and depending on your felonies they will take a vote on it. you go through a review process and they will send you a letter back letting you know what the outcome is. good luck
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Can a convicted felon get a Florida state dental hygiene license?

No, there's no way the state that you or anybody's living in wouldlet you acquire a State License for the trade or career coursesyou're interested in. I already tried for real
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Can a convicted felon get a Florida driver's license?

Florida does suspend or revoke the licenses of people convicted ofcertain crimes, but in most cases it's not permanent (thesuspension or revocation lasts for a specific period