Can a father give up parental rights without the mother?

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Generally, a mother is needed to have a child in order to give up rights for. However, that said.

First, it should be understood that until court ordered, single fathers have NO ASSUMED PARENTAL RIGHTS. Financial responsibility and parental rights are not linked until he has applied to the court for permission to see his child(ren). What the father is doing is motioning the court to be released from current and future financial obligations, along with giving up the right to "PETITION" the court for Parental Rights.

This said, since they are the ones who actually carry the child to term and give birth to it, ONLY MOTHERS have the universal right to voluntarily give their parental rights AND financial responsibilities for her child(ren). The Safe Haven Laws were enacted to help prevent prom night dumpster babies. Rather than throw the child in the trash or drown it in the toilet, she can give up her child, giving up all rights and responsibilities for said child (NO QUESTIONS ASKED) at any Hospital ER.

Women and girls who give up their babies under the Safe Haven Laws almost invariably do so because neither her family nor the baby's father want the child and will not help her care for it. While the father can run off, never to be seen again, the woman cannot do the same since the child is growing inside her body. That is why Safe Haven Laws exist for women, but similar laws do not exist for men. It is practically unheard of for a mother to give up her child under Safe Haven when the father is present and willing to care for the child.

So, the male must seek the permission of the Court, AND the Mother, to give up his own financial responsibility.

If the issue involves dealing with a "Gatekeeper Mother", there are means and methods to deal with this. The father need only learn what they are. See links.
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