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If the cousin is currently married to you, and is willing to accept parental responsibilities and adopt the child, then the father can give up his parental rights.

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Q: Can the father of your baby give up his parental rights to his cousin?
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Can a father sign his parental rights before the baby is born?

A father can not sign his parental rights prior to a child being born, because the child has not been born so he technically has no rights.

Does father have parental rights before the baby is born?

No, he does not have parental rights until the child is born. If the parents are unmarried he must establish his paternity legally through the courts. If the parents are married the father has equal parental rights after the child is born.

What if your parents passed way and your sister have a baby an you have custody of your sister an the baby an then a cousin get custody of the baby do you as being a aunt have any rights?

No but your sister have rights still and can still have visitation. Both you and the cousin had equal rights in court.

What kind of rights does an expectant Mother whom has lost her parental rights?

They will take the baby

Can the father terminate the mother's rights if she gave the baby up to safe haven?

Termination of parental rights, TPR, is a long and very difficult, complex process. You need to be in touch with the child welfare agency in your area, and with an attorney. And by the way, neither parent terminates the rights of the other. It is the authority of the state that terminates parental rights.

Is the mother allowed to keep the baby from the father if he has parental rights?

No. You would need to go to court to ask for a modification in visitation in order to deny him seeing his child.

Can a boyfriend adopt the baby if the girlfriend gave up parental rights as a minor if the child is still not adopted?

If its your baby then shame on you for doing her with a minor! that should be on your concious! but also i believe you should adopt the baby if you ready to be a father.

What are the parental rights of a pregnant 17 year old?

You have the same parental rights as an adult when the baby is born. During the pregnancy and after you are the one deciding over your health.

If you have a baby with a single woman and youre married man what are your rights?

You are still the father and have all your parental rights. Those rights and obligations don't change due to marital status. You also have the right to be slapped by either of the ladies involved.

Who is the father of Kat Moon's Baby in EastEnders?

The father is Michael Moon (Alfie's cousin).

If a women has a parent that has guardianship over her and she is 32 and she has a baby does the womens parent get custody of the baby child or becomes gaurdian Father lives witthem. not married?

Single fathers have no assumed parental rights

What are legal rights for fathers in Wisconsin if the baby has not yet been born but mother is in labor and adoption papers have not been cancelled?

I would think that if the mother and father are not together and the mother is willing to give up custody of the child to the father than the father would have rights to the child. If the adoption papers haven't been canceled yet they will have to be signed when the baby is born saying that the mother and father give up parental rights to the child

What rights does a father have if he leaves his wife and baby?

The father still has rights but is not entitled to see the baby whenever he wants to as he left the mother to raise the baby by herself she can choose how, when and why she does or does not want the father to be in cotact.

What would it make you if your Aunt's cousin is having a baby?

Since your aunt is a sibling of either your mother or father, the cousin would be one of your parent's cousins. If the cousin had a baby, that would make you like a 2nd or 3rd cousin.

If your cousin had a baby and the father had cousins would that make them your cousins too?

If your cousin is the mother, the father's cousins are not related to you.

How are you related to your cousin's baby?

The child of your First Cousin, and you are First Cousin's, Once Removed.

Can an unmarried mother in Minnesota refuse to allow the real father of her baby to establish paternity so that her current boyfriend can adopt the baby?

No. If the biological father wants to assert parental rights he may file a petition with the court to order a paternity test taken. If presented with such an order the mother must comply or be held in contempt of court. A biological parent cannot be forced to relinquish parental rights it must be done voluntarily or said rights terminated by the court for reasons of abuse and/or neglect.

You had a baby by a man that is not your husband does he have rights?

Sure does, he is the father.

If your cousin has a baby what is the baby to you?

the baby is your second cousin

Could I have rights to my daughters baby?

This will have to be decided by the judge. If you are a good person and the father is not in the picture, it is very likely that you will have rights to the baby.

If your cousin has a baby is the baby your cousin also?

Yes, the baby would be your cousin one more time removed from your relation to the cousin. E.G - if your second cousin has a baby, the baby will be your second cousin once removed and if you have children, they will be third cousins of the baby.

If your dads cousin had a baby does that make the baby your cousin?

No. The baby would be your second cousin.

Can you move out when you're 16 and have a baby?

Only with parental consent. You don't get more rights when having a child as a minor. You just get rights to the child.

Does the father have rights to weither you keep the baby or not?

Until the baby is born he has no rights. His paternal rights starts after birth. If he then wants custody and you don't he has to go to court.

Can an unwed mother lose custody of her baby to the biological father if there is no negligence on her part?

Difficult, but yes. In most cases, the state will take the child as single fathers have no assumed parental rights. see link