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Can a husband get divorce if wife is not willing to give divorce?

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Answering from the perspective of Pennsylvania where I practice, the laws of Pennsylvania favor the institution of marriage and reconciliation so, if either party (not just the wife) objects to the divorce, the party seeking divorce must wait a statutory 2 year period before the court will grant the divorce, under most circumstances.

In the United States the answer is yes. One spouse cannot force the other to remain married by withholding their "consent" to the divorce. Their consent isn't necessary. While state laws vary, the spouse who wants the divorce can obtain one through the family court system. In addition, most states have a no fault divorce process.
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Can you marry your fiance if his wife refuses to give him a divorce?

no, your fiance has to be divorced first before he could marry another. if you forced to get married despite the divorce not granted, your marriage to your fiance is a void ma

What if your wife don't want to divorce you what will you do to divorce her?

  Answer   You will have to sue for divorce. Get a lawyer and go through the court process. If both people want a divorce, it can be settled out of court without has

How do you get divorced when your wife keeps contesting the divorce?

  Your wife cannot contest the divorce itself; she can only contest the division of property and assets of the marriage. The divorce case cannot go on forever; there will

Do husband and wife both have to sign a divorce decree?

  Usually, but if the one seeking the divorce doesn't know where the other spouse is you can post your papers on the courthouse door for thirty (30) days. After the thirty

Can a husband take a gun registered to wife if divorced?

  It depends on where you are. In must U.S. states, there is no registration. Guns generally fall under the same laws as other property in a divorce, so it depends on what

How do you 'divorce' your wife?

There is a great book called "coming apart" that discusses the emotional process of parting. It is wise to read through that section, so you can understand the emotional phase

Your husband wants a divorce and you don't. Can he divorce you?

Yes. In the United States you cannot force a spouse to stay married to you. Every state has no-fault divorce and even if you do not co-operate the divorce will happen eventual

Should a husband divorce his wife for lying?

it depends. if it was something big then possibly, but if it is not then no. -nickii Yes. If a spouse does not respect you enough to always be honest, you do not have a marria
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Can you divorce your husband?

Yes. Divorce is legal in all 50 states. The only situation in which you could not legally divorce yourhusband is in the case of a married same-sex couple living in astate wh

Can a divorced wife testify against her husband?

Yes, she can. The marital confidences privilege (or marital communications privilege) is a form of privileged communication protecting the contents of confidential communica

What does the Bible say about a wife divorcing her husband?

The only acceptable reason for divorce is if one commits adultery. Separation is acceptable under many circumstances. If you're unsure, you can look at the back of your bible.