Can a non party be bound by a court order?

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Added: Usually only the parties named in the order are affected by it, unless the-order also includes more general phraseology (e.g.: "all parties to the action" - "the school administration" - etc) to apply to some much broader or more inclusive group of people.
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What constitutes abandonment by a non-custodial parent who has not paid court-ordered child support nor seen the child in 5 years?

Answer . \nThere are a few states that have laws which pertain directly to the designation of parental abandonment. The majority of states make such rulings on the individual case circumstances. There is a great deal of difference in abandonment by a parent who is absent from the child's life an (MORE)

Does the non-custodial parent have to pay med pay if it was not a court order and his employer does not carry and why are they still garnishing it out of his payroll?

Answer . If the non custodial parent was required to furnish insurance on the child until his or her 18th birthday in the divorce agreement,if not by the court itself.The employer should provide a sponsored dependant coverage if the child is not yours, but you are required to provide medical cove (MORE)

Is a non-Christian bound by Christian laws?

A: A non-Christian is bound by the laws of the relevant nation or state. These laws may sometimes have originated as Christian laws but, now being secular, apply equally to everyone within their jurisdiction. However, a non-Christian is not bound by Church laws, just as a Christian is not bound by (MORE)

The non-custodial parent had child support court order stop and can the custodail parent stop the non-cusoial parent from seeing the child?

NO! Call they child support agency and find out why he stopped it and actually I don't think he can. Unless you have joint custody and placement he has to pay that is every states law. But do not use him not paying child support to withold your child you can be held in contempt of court. Those are t (MORE)

What is a non membrane bound organelle?

\n. \nAccording to Wikipedia: \n. \nThe term organelle is the diminutive form of organ meaning 'little tool". Various texts, including the popular Campbell and Reece (6th edition) refer to ribosomes as organelles. Others do not. Some restrict the use to membrane-bound structures. This then l (MORE)

Where is the out of bounds line on a volleyball court?

most courts have the volleyball lines with white all around some have yellow or blue maybe but most is white and its inside the basketball court but if the ball goes outside the white lines then its out so its kind of the side line but more closer to the line a little

Ojections to subpoena for production of documents from non party in family court?

The SUBPOENA DUCUS TEACUM must have some relevance to the case or the court would not have signed the order to produce the documents. The party being subpoeanad need not be a principle to the case, they may simply be the "custodial keepers" of the documents the court seeks to review. File a moti (MORE)

What happens if both parties contribute to the breach of a no contact court ordered restraining order?

Valid for the US only:. The answer will depend on the specifics of the order and the statutes in your state. However, in most states, a restraining order (more accurately called a "protection order") is a court mandated document which can only be altered under the authorization of a judge. Neithe (MORE)

What does be bound over to a lower court mean?

Actually it can have two meanings. 'bound over' is a term usually referring to the court's power to hold, on bail, a person accused of a crime. HOWEVER - Definitions and procedures vary by jurisdiction. For example, another definition defines 'bound over' as meaning "the transfer of a felony case f (MORE)

How do you geet a court ordered drug test for non custodial parent?

Through a motion to the court, but there needs to be some overriding evidence necessitating this need. Also, the primary parent should also volunteer to take a drug test using a hair sample to determine any long term use. This should not be used to just circumvent a custody challenge.

Non membrane bound organelle that supports cell shape?

The cytoskeleton is the non membrane bound organelle that supports cell shape. There are three types of rods, in order of increasing size that make up the cytoskeleton; the microfilaments, intermediate filaments, and microtubules. Non of these are membrane bound.

If there is a restraining order filed and both parties don't show up for court what will happen to the order?

Several possibilities: The court, and/or the advocate's office, may attempt to contact the petitioner to determine if they were coerced into not attending the hearing or were kept away forcibly, and/or determine if they still wished the order.. ANS#2 : If the Complainant/Plaintiff or his Council (MORE)

Can a court order be entered after a party leaves the courtroom?

Yes, because the power and authority of the court cannot be thwarted by one party deciding to simply leave the courtroom before an order contrary to his interests can be entered. Nevertheless, courts are not free to enter any kind of an order in the absence of the persons affected. An order entered (MORE)

Both parents claim a child. The court order states the non custodial parent has the right to claim thechild. Will the IRS honor the court order?

Yes/No IRS Deduction Regardless of any custody agreement, or court order the IRS has it's own definition of who the custodial parent is. Section 152(e)(4) defines custodial parent as the parent having custody for the greater portion of the calendar year and noncustodial parent as the parent wh (MORE)

Which party files in order to get a case before the US Supreme Court?

Typically, whoever lost the last appeal petitions the Supreme Court to hear the case; however, either party may file. If the Court grants certiorari (agrees to hear the case), the appellant (party appealing the case) has an advantage when filing briefs and during oral arguments because they get t (MORE)

Can a person be arrested for non payment of child support if their is no order by the courts to pay it?

I'm a little unclear on the concept here. Why is there an expectation that child support will be paid if there is in fact no court order specifying it? I can't imagine any circumstances under which a person could be arrested for failing to present someone with what is, basically, a gift. There (MORE)

Do both parties have to go to court if one parent requests a child protective order against the other parent?

The court will issue an emergency, temporary order without both parties present and schedule a hearing to make the order permanent if the court determines the order should be permanent. In the United States all parties to a court action must be notified and can appear to present their testimony. T (MORE)

Can a non-custodial parent lose visitation rights if they continually miss their court ordered visitation?

Merely because the non-custodial parent is unable to attend the court ordered visitation, it does not mean that he or she will automatically loose his or her visitation rights. If the non-custodial parent is unable to attend the court ordered visitation, the non-custodial parent can request the cour (MORE)

Can custodial parent stop non custodial parent from getting children on court ordered weekend visits?

Absolutely not. The custodial parent is obligated by law to obey the visitation order. If they don't the non-custodial should return to court and file a motion for contempt of a court order. Repeated violations may result in the custodial parent losing custody. Absolutely not. The custodial parent (MORE)

How do you get a copy of your non-custodial court order?

Go to the court that issued the order and pay the per page copy fee. You will need the case number. If you don't have that number you can look it up in the case index. You will not be able to get any documents that have been sealed by a Judge or Commissioner.

What two elemts will form non covalent bounds?

Two elements will form ionic bonds if the electronegativity difference between them is greater than 1.6 -2.0. Opinions vary as to the exact differences. Metals typically have low electronegativities which is where the simple rule metal with non metal comes from.

What happens when a non custodial parent violates a court order?

The custodial parent must take the matter before the court by filing a motion for contempt of a court order. The court may impose sanctions but the custodial parent must stay on top of the situation. The custodial parent must take the matter before the court by filing a motion for contempt of a cou (MORE)