Can a noncustodial parent in Tennessee obtain health information without custodial parent approval?

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Can the noncustodial parent keap the child not return to custodial parent?

No they can not. The key here is the "custodial parent" . You may be able to go to court. But if you keep the child and you are not the custodial parent and there is a court o

Can a noncustodial parent stop the custodial parent from moving?

This is hard to answer because there can be many variables involved. The noncustodial parent may contest the move and take the custodial parent to court to show cause. But it

Does custodial parent have to inform noncustodial of school activities even when he picks him up from school?

If the parents share legal custody of the child the custodial parent is required to notify the school that the other parent lives outside the home and provide his contact info

Is the non custodial parent responsible for orthodontic treatment if the custodial parent started the child on a treatment plan without informing the non custodial parent or getting his approval?

You need to review all the documents pertaining to your divorce decree, separation agreement and any court orders regarding custody, child support, insurance, and uninsured de
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Can a noncustodial parent stop the custodial parent from homeschooling?

If the parent thinks the home-schooling is not in the best interest of the child then they should request a court hearing on that issue. Home schooling in some cases may resul