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Can a peace officer carry a pistol out of his own state?

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The Senate added to the gun liability bill by a vote of 91-8 the Campbell-Leahy Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (S. 253). This measure would establish national measures of uniformity and consistency to permit trained and certified on-duty, off-duty or retired law enforcement officers to carry concealed firearms in most situations so that they may respond immediately to crimes across State and other jurisdictional lines, as well as to protect themselves and their families from vindictive criminals.

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Is it legal to carry an airsoft pistol in the state of Ohio?

Own? yes. Carry? no. if you are seen carrying an airsoft replica in public it will most likely be considered a real firearm by civilians as well as law enforcement. Do not car

Can a new york state peace officer carry a firearm 24 hour?

Yes.    A NYS peace officer can carry an off duty weapon. Police Officers can buy an off duty immediately after graduating from the academy. Peace Officers may or may n

Do Illinois peace officers carry off duty?

Sworn Illinois Police Officers are authorized by state statute to carry their weapon 24/7. In fact, many departments require that officers (while within their jurisdiction) ca

Where can a new york peace officer carry a handgun?

Strictly speaking, a full time active duty or retired police officer can carry anywhere in the U.S. under Federal Law HR218, but there are some restrictions. The officer has t

Can a retired peace officer carry a gun in NY?

Federal law provides that a peace officer can carry a firearm in any state, and retired peace officers that meet certain requirements (mainly weapons qualification) may do so

Can a non commisioned peace officer carry a gun?

"Noncommissioned peace officer" is a contradictory term. Peace officers are empowered to carry firearms, serve warrants, and make arrests on probable cause. Not every state de

Can you carry a pistol in your vehicle in Massachusetts if you are out of state?

Federal laws allow you to transport an unloaded, locked firearm through a given state provided the following: You have the legal right to possess the firearm in at your desti

What states can a New York Peace Officer carry a gun off duty?

Qualified law enforcement officers are permitted to carry concealed firearms on and off duty in every state, providing the officer is an employee of a governmental agency,be

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