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Can a person receive both child support and social security payments at the same time?

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Yes, but child support received must be reported to Social Security (or it's fraud).
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If you are receiving Social Security Disability payments can you work part time?

Yes, if you're disabled but able to engage in part-time work, SSDI allows earnings of up to $1,000 per month (2010) for most disabilities, or $1,640 per month for the blind un

Can you receive veterans benefits and Social Security at the same time?

Yes, you can. You served your country and you deserve to reap the benefits from what you worked so hard at. You get your social security benefits to because you contributed to

Can you receive Social Security benefits and SSDI at the same time?

You may be confusing the different types of Social Security benefits in your question. When people refer to "Social Security," they general mean retirement benefits. SSDI is

How long can you receive Social Security payments?

Retirement Benefits Once you qualify for Social Security retirement benefits, you will receive compensation until you die unless you're younger than SSA's full retirement age

How do you apply for social security child support?

There is no such thing as "social security child support." If the child's parent(s) is eligible for Social Security, the child is probably eligible, also. In such a case, the

Can you collect both Social Security and unemployment at the same time?

Yes, for the reasons that follow: The two programs are different. Social Security is a Federal program that you pay into from your paycheck, as does the employer, and you ar