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Can a swimming pool overflow when the water level gets high?

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OF course they can unless they have overflow drains built in.After all they are just large vessels and will only hold a certain amount.
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How do you remove rain overflow from a swimming pool?

If your pool filter is equipped with a multi-port valve, you canuse the waste position to remove excess water. The waterwill come out of your backwash line, but will not go

How to lower Swimming pool water level if is to high?

You might just let it evaporate if there is no rain in the forcast. You could just backwash the filter for a longer period to lower the levels being sure to replace the lost f

How does a swimming pool water leveler works?

Similar to the toilet cistern when the water falls below a certain level a valve is released that allows water to enter the pool from the supply.

Can you swim in a pool that has a high chlorine level?

Hi this is Bill Soukup with Commercial Pools. It depends on what you consider high chlorine levels to be. Most pools, commercial and residential should run a minimum of 2 PPM

Can the water in a swimming pool be to high?

Swimming pools are usually designed with skimming in mind For example most large public pools have wet deck skimming where the water runs back to filtration from the surface i

How do you lower the water level of a swimming pool?

Most pools have a backwash function in the filtration system that is connected to a drain line. It is normally used to remove debris from the filter . It actually uses water f

Why do swimming pools not overflow when there are people in it?

Two reasons: First, the volume of a human body is quite low compared to the volume of even a moderate sized swimming pool. If you jump into an Olympic-sized pool, you're on

Is it ok to swim if the pH levels in a swimming pool are to high?

Not advisable due to .. High pH will increase the likelihood of cross-contamination between bathers. Germs will survive longer in a high pH. High pH also makes your eyes mor

Can you swim in a pool with high phosphate levels?

In a word, Yes. Phosphates are really a non issue. Phosphates are an algae food but IF YOU ARE MAINTAINING PROPER FREE CHLORINE LEVELS for the CYA level in your pool they are