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Can a tomato frog eat tomatos?

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yes they can eat tomatos but they can also eat mice,many tipes of bugs,even snakes!!!!
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Do sugar gliders eat tomatoes?

Sugar gliders are unlikely to be interested in tomatoes. They are not at all sweet, and sugar gliders prefer foods with fructose and other forms of sugar in them. For a list

Can rabbits eat tomatoes?

No. Tomato leaves, vines, stems, and all plant parts are toxic to rabbits, except for the fruit. Tomato fruit is edible, but isn't very healthy and should be considered a trea

Do rabbits eat tomatoes?

Yes and no. Tomato leaves, vines, and stems are toxic to rabbits (they contain tropane alkaloids, along with rhubarb and other plants). NEVER give these parts of the tomato pl

Do frogs eat tomatoes in the garden?

Absolutely! Big and ripe ones located near the ground. Also strawberries.

Can you eat too MANY tomatoes?

No. They're high in Vitamin C and are actually really good for you. However, if tomatoes are replacing other components to your diet, you can get diarrhea.

Did ancient Romans eat tomatoes?

No. The tomato is native to South America and was spread around the world after the Spanish colonization.

Can mice eat tomatoes?

  yes mice can eat tomatoes.I've actually seen one eat a tomatoe.

What do tomato frogs eat?

tomato frogs eat crikets, worms, and june bugs.

What do tomato worms eat?

i don't know I'm trying to figure that out too

What animals eat tomato plants?

Invertebrates and vertebrates are the animals that eat tomato plants. Examples of invertebrates include aphids, blister beetles, cutworms, earwigs, flea beetles, horn-worms, J