Can a younger adult sister sit on her older adult brother's lap just for fun and with innocent intention?

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When that is done, something dirty is normally implyed, so therefore I must say no. If siblings do stuff like that with one another, that is called incest, which is discusting. People in the olden days would have children with family members and that would result in disorders and body deformations. They have the same blood, they came from within the same person, so that is very wrong.

Another Perspective The question, as asked, does not indicate the age of the siblings involved. Toddlers and very young girls should feel free to sit on the lap of an older brother. Naturally, once a girl passes through puberty, propriety dictates that people act differently.
Unfortunately, there are many who have extreme views on anything that may even be remotely linked to sexual activity.
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Can you drive with an adult if they are 21 or older?

Answer . \nyes if you have some sort of drivers permit and they have one as well.. Answer . \nGenerally it is required that a legally licensed adult accompany the person who is driving with a learner's permit.

Do adults enjoy Disney cruises or is it mostly fun just for the kids?

Answer . The cruises are family oriented, but there's lots of activities and elaborate childcare available so parents can have fun, too.. Disney launched its cruise line in 1998. The 3,4 and 7-day cruises depart from Port Canaveral and visit Castaway Cay on their way to the Caribbean or Nassau. In fact, the kid's activities start at dawn and continue until nearly midnight, so many parents only see their children at breakfast and dinner. All the children's and adult's activities are a la carte, so you can pick and choose.. Even though most guests are families, Disney has gone to a lot of trouble to appeal to adults without children with an adults-only pool, and nightclubs and restaurants that are just for adults. Also, there's an improv club. The Promenade Lounge features nightly piano music,and there's also a sports bar. The movie theater shows first-run movies, as well as Disney classics. Spring for a cabin with a romantic private veranda overlooking the ocean, and have a great time!

Do Younger Adult Women Actually Find Older Men Attractive?

if they don't hav gray or white hair on them... and i mean anywere that's wrong

Adult adoption Can a 58 year old female adopt a 38 year old female as a younger sister and how would it be done?

well after the age of 18 it is unlikely for them to be adopted even as a younger sister/brother. You could call her/him your younger sister/brother but it would not be official

What adult fun is there in the outer banks?

Put-put gulf, gulf course, lots of water sports, tons of hiking and nature things, movies and theater, but most people go for the clean and uncrowded beaches.

Are younger sisters annoying or older sisters more annoying?

Older sisters can be that way.Sometimes they feel responsible for you, sometimes they just want to control you, sometimes they just want to annoy you. Most of the annoyance stems from love of their little sister. Any person who is a little older and has experienced life a bit more, feels compelled to give advice (even if it is not wanted ) and offer their opinion on lots of subjects. One day maybe , you will appreciate her more, because at least she cares enough to meddle in your life! I think older sisters are more annoying because sometimes they actually think that they are trying to help you,with their nagging.

Who is an older adult?

I suppose an older adult would be the older of the two being compared. eg, A 31 year-old is older than a 30 year-old. I don't think the word older can be used unless comaparing the age of two persons or things. Hmmm, makes me wonder if an older adult is older than an old adult.

What are Fun things about being an adult?

To an adult, it is not fun to be an adult. I've heard lots of things about how being an adult is miserable. From my point of view, I realised that I am too going to become an adult, so even if there are people around me complaining being an adult is not fun, I am positive that I am going to make my adult life quite good. okay so to the point, what are the fun things?? errr I am not sure... maybe driving a car? getting the job you want? (p.s -you have to do well in ur exams), who cares? I am an adult, well almost, but I dont know what's so good about it?? :p good luck ya'll.:)

Why does my older sister hit me and my younger sister?

Your sister is wrong to hit you. Ask her why do you hit us? If she's way out of hand tell your parents, a guardian or a relative that can help you and your younger sister but get help as quick as possible.

Why are older brothers mean to their younger sisters?

Because they think they are more mature and find little sisters annoying. Well it depends, what do you mean by brothers being mean to their sisters. my brothers (I have 3) were very overprotective in a way that bothered me. Like one time one of my boyfriends came to pick me up to go to the park and I was taking a bath and they scared him off, that PISSED me off so I did apologize to him for my brothers behaviour and after that I have just taken like one of my boyfriends there (while my brothers were not home).

Why are people against me a 13 yr old who loves a guy who is alot older than me He treats me like an adult We drink and have fun and sex now He wants to marry me when I get older?

Because the law has decided that a 13 year old is too young to make intelligent decisions about sex. They don't understand the consequences and risks involved in such activities. Giving in at such a young age can have huge affects on one's life and end up with individuals needing major support by society and unable to take care of themselves.. If he is providing alcoholic beverages to a minor, he could be in some major legal trouble. Given the age difference, the male in this relationship could easily end up in jail for having sexual contact with a minor, not a good way to establish a life long relationship. And the risk of pregnancy can really mess up both lives.. We know what we are doing. We are not going to have kids now for a while cause I am on the pill. He is the man I have always dreamed out. He has taught me alot and I love him. If I give my ok to us having sex, it should be nobody's business but mine and his. That is what I don't understand, why don't people just leave us alone. It is our lives. I am old enough to make intelligent decisions about alot of stuff and I don't need society to support me or take care of me. I know alot of friends who drink that are my age. They get wasted at least once a week. It is fun and we all do it. Believe it or not. We do stuff now that you in old time you were a kid did not know anything. We know alot more than you did at this age.. Birth control is not a gaurentee that you won't get pregnant. If you do, chances are he will go to jail. It is society's business to avoid harm to those too young to make sensible decisions. It is going to be society that ends up paying for underage mother's and their offspring. The only reason you are fighting the answers is that you know in your heart that it is wrong and are trying to justify illegal activities.

Does Bill Gates have older or younger sisters?

yes he does he has older sister who goes by the name of Kristi (Kristianne) and one younger sister called Libby.

Why does the younger sister beat the older sister up?

The reason younger sister's beat up older sister's is because they either want attention or they are jealous. some times many of them are concided and some have anger management problems. another reason is because they are brats. eitherr way they terrible

Are Jacob Black's sisters older or younger and what do they do?

Jacob's twin sisters, Rachel & Rebecca, are older than Jacob. Up until Breaking Dawn , Rachel was going to Washington State on a scholarship. Rebecca lives in Hawaii and is married to a Samoan surfer.. Reference page 119 & 120 of Twilight .

What is the guideline intensity level for an older adult?

Approximately 50 to 80% of estimated VO2, 60% to 75% of maximum heart rate and RPE= somewhat hard

At what age are you an older adult age at?

If you are too young, and you are starting to turn 14, then you will not turn to be too young anymore. If you are 13 right now, then you start to be a teenager. When you are 13, that does not mean that you are starting to get to still be too young. Otherwise, if you are in the middle school or the high school, then one of the following school grades will be 7th, 8th, & 9th. When you start being 13 or 14, your friend should not say "You're too young", otherwise, if your friend does says that, then try to ignore your friend and then say this "I am not too young, I am a older child." If your friend makes fun of you, then do not listen to what your friend says. Try not to say anything back to your friend or if you do that, then you will hurt your friend's feelings. If you are in the middle school & you are still 12, then that means that you are too young. Once when you get to the high school, then you will start to get older. Only in the following school grades that includes 9th, 10th, 11th, & 12th. When you go to college, then you still are older. When you start to grow up, then you are older. The following ages include, 15, 16, 17, 18, & 19. That is pretty much it of what you need to know of an older age.

Older sisters are a pain younger sisters are in vain?

if you have a sister problem. the best thing to do is to egnore them if they continue then tell them to go away if its a big sister then go to your mum if shes baby siting you then you in trubble but if it's your younger sister then don't go to mum because that will make it worse the best thing to do is keep on egnoring her she only wan'ts attention. anouther thing to do is to find out why there bothering you if they say it's your fault they could 1 be insualting you or 2 being serreous. if its 2 then try and do something nice for them and they will do something nice for you maby not it's worth a try. the reson why a big sister would bouther you is maby that your the little guy and they think you parthetic so they can do what ever they wan't. little sisters are different sometimes they probly want to play with you or piss you of and this is comming from a guy wich has a simmler problem. i hope this helps you guys in any way thanks for reading :) :)

Do adults gerbils like younger gerbils?

it all depends on how you introduce them because i have two gerbil and one is an adult and one is still young and they get along very well If a Gerbil has lived alone for a long time however it can be very difficult to introduce a new friend to it. I have a 2 year old female that refuses to accept a companion however the younger one I bought to pair with her happily accepted a baby Gerbil as a friend.

Why does osteoporosis affect older people more than younger adults?

Because over the years these old people, have weaker bones due to lack of calcium in their diet.

Why do older adults fear death more than younger adults?

Because they came, saw how beautiful their life was in retrospection, conquered their own imbalances, and now they want to live longer and enjoy more of this beautiful world. . But, to their dismay, the age has never stopped growing. . At this old age, having realized how they could have lived better, they want to do more of what they did not do when they were young. . However, they know and think every minute about the life of their dear ones in their absence fully knowing that the unwanted death is anytime due and hence they "die every day" in the fear of death more than the younger ones do. . Ari . P.S: BTW, I am 45 years old. Am I an "older adult"?.

Can a baby sit on the lap of an adult in the backseat of a car with seat belts?

Depends on where you are talking about, and if the car is moving or not. In the United states, all infants must be in child safety seats when the car is moving. If you stop to nurse the child in the backseat, then its ok but not while you are driving. The differences between the states usually are in what size or age the child has to be in order to not have a special seat.

What did adults do for fun in the medieval times?

There were 8 holidays in this time. The main ones of Harvest Home, Christmas, May Day, and Easter. They would have tournaments and games as well as music with people singing. Dancing was also done.

What did adults and children do for fun in the Victorian era?

The rich boys would learn to be like their father and attend school while laying back and enjoying their luxurious lives. The rich girls would learn to become a good mother, a good wife, and enjoy their luxurious lives same as the boys.

What do adults do for fun in Uruguay?

Go to restaurants, to the cinema, to the theatre, to the river side, to watch a football (soccer) match.

What is an important difference between the way younger children and adolescents experience depression and the way older adolescents and adults typically do?

when your a young kid they are more prone to tell you when something is going on. teenagers often isolate, may becoem angry, irritable, seem on edge. They may over sleep or sleep less, and they will start to lose an interest in things they once enjoyed. In adults they may fidn themselves focusing mreo on work or a passion to hide that they are depressed. they may wear a smile alot but they also may show a loss of interest in going out with there friends or may spend more time aloen in there room instead of with the family. if you feel someone may be suicidal or depressed you can confrotn them about it but dont push teh iissues just make sure they know that you care adn that you are there if they need to talk, mayeb offer taking to a therapist if you feel the issue is getting out of hand.

Do kids have more fun than adults?

yea probably... adults have to work and make dinner, breakfast, or lunch for their kids But sometimes adults spend more time with fun with their kids Hope this answer helps :p

What are some fun adult things to do with your husband?

Go out for dinner Go see a movie Got to a night club Have sex Go to a dirty party Spend time alone

Why do older parents avoid their adult children?

Why some older parents avoid their adult children: . Some parents may feel that they have parroted throughout the years raising their children with 'dos' and 'don't;s; and therefore now that their children are adults they are staying out of their lives and waiting for their adult children to let them into their lives. . Some parents may be very ill and do not wish to let their children know just how ill they are. . Some parents live a long distance away from their children and either financially or health-wise they cannot make the trip to visit them so it is up to the adult children to visit them. Phone calls can be exchanged. . Divorce (quite common) after the children have left home may cause each parent to search out a future for themselves because they may be lonely and often consider their children have their life and the parent or parents need to find theirs. This does not mean the parents still do not love their adult children. . Some parents have careers; may travel a lot or work over-time and are not aware how they are neglecting their adult children (out of sight, out of mind.) . If the parents are anywhere from 60 years of age or older they could be suffering from Dementia or Alzheimer's disease and if it is the start of the disease they do not want their children seeing them forget where they put this or that or not recognizing some of their own family. . Lastly (but not that common) there are parents who are happy to have their adult children out of their lives and do not want to keep in touch with them. If a child grew up in a fairly loving family (even if the parents were strict) then they should automatically know they were loved and still are. Wise adult children try to keep in touch with their parents and most parents want to enjoy their grandchildren and get together as a family unity. Do not treat absent parents as unloving, but make the effort to keep them in your lives if they have always been loving and supportive of you. Remember that they raised their children and the chain of life is that the adult children generally look after their parents when they are older and are ill.

Is a sibling a younger or older bother and sister?

It's the exact same thing, it can be an older sibling or a younger sibling. it doesn't matter.

What is a older man Intention with a younger girl?

all he wants his to have sex with her and touch her in her danger zone.

Why is an older adult more prone to dehydration?

The hypothalamus in the brain regulates the feeling of thirst - with age the thirst centre become less effective - the feeling of thirst, which is stimulated by the release of antidiuretic hormone from the anterior pituitary gland just underneath the hypothalamus is not as effective. . Therefore it may simply be a case of older people not feeling thirsty and therefore forgetting to take in water - the kidneys may also lose there ability to reabsorb water from the filtrate passing through the nephrons and more water may be lost in urine. . If an older person has diabetes then this could also be a cause for dehydration, however this does not tie in with the theory that they do not feel thirsty, because diabetics do have a pronounced feeling of thirst constantly.

Do younger sisters are atracted to older brother?

They could be but maybe one of the family members should find out and let her/him know that it is wrong to like there own brother/sister etc.

Why are older sisters so bossy to their younger sisters?

Because older sisters think they are so cool because they have lived longer than you and think that they have the right to boss you around! Witch is NOT true!

What is the prognosis for CMP in older adults?

Only about 15% of patients require surgical intervention. Older people may go on to develop osteoarthritis in the knee

Does a older brother has a right to stop his younger adult sister to date someone?

Noway she is an adult and she can do anything she wants in life ,so big brother back OFF

What are the duties of an older brother towards adult younger sisters?

To love her and respect her. To bring candy for her, to present her a doll whenever he hurts her. To see if she is dressed properly for school..

Is it inappropriate for an adult sister to sit on her older brother's lap?

no you two are brother and sister and therefor u have a family relationship that in no way can be inapropriate although there are lines that should not be crossed such as inbreed or incest.. sitting on a family members lap is not at all inappropriate

What is wrong if a sister sit on her brother's lap and why some people look down upon it but same people don't mind if adult daughter sit in father's lap then what's wrong sitting in brother's lap?

Nothing is wrong with sitting on your brothers lap.. Its just like sitting in your fathers lap

Was Albert Einstines sister younger or older?

Maria was younger. By my research she was born two years after the famous Einstein was born.

Why is an adult sister so mean?

She is not mean. She wants to help you, and because she is older, probably has more wisdom.

Why younger sisters are so mean to older sisters?

It a proven fact younger sisters are always a little mean or annoying to the older siblings and the older siblings are always a little bossy or controlling over there younger siblings. Don't worry your not the only one with an annoying little sibling!

Is Halle Berry's sister younger or older?

Halle Berry's full sister, Heidi Berry, is older than Halle. Heidi is 54 years old in 2012, Halle is 45 years old in 2012. Her half-sister, Renee Berry, is also older than Halle, at 52 years old in 2012. Halle and Renee are estranged and refuse to have a sister-relationship with each other due to a family fall-out.

Why does the older sister beat the younger sister up?

It is just a way of showing how she loves you. All older sisters do it. Sometimes when sisters fight, and say they hate them, I know they think they mean it, but they don't. If they do stuff like that, their telling them they love each other. They will always regret doing that if something happens to eachother. Like passing away. They know they will cry. But honestly Hun, it's just a sisterly thing. Hope this helped you out a bit! -Torie

What safety needs does and older adult need?

An older adult needs to be well involved with their health due to safety reasons. Getting regular check ups, and eye exams is a start. Having an in home emergency response system is a good idea as well, it doesnt have to be something expensive, just something reliable like a cell phone. The cell phone is a good idea because it can be carried around the house and taken with them when they leave the house. Just5 created a simple features cell phone that caters well to the needs of an elderly individual. It has a large display screen, big buttons, dial read out and an Emergency SOS feature on the back that can be personalized to dial 911 or five personal contacts in case of an accident or emergency. Its great for safety reasons, easy to use and very affordable.

Why do children and older adults get vaccinated first?

Their immune systems are weaker and if they were to get whatever the vaccination was supposed to prevent or at least minimize, the results would be much worst for them. Small children, particularly infants, and the elderly are more likely to have serious consequences if they contact a disease.

Can influenza only strike older adults?

People 65 or over are at a higher risk to get the flu, but anyone of any age can be infected by the flu viruses. Infants and young children are also especially vulnerable to the flu since they have immature immune systems. See the related question below about those at higher risk for the flu.

How can an adult have fun on a night out?

Adults can have fun on nights out by drinking alcohol, dancing, listening to music and wearing fancy dress. One can also get their friends together to get ready for the evening out together.

How does Alzheimer's affect older adults?

Alzheimer's can affect anyone, however it is more common in peopleover 65. It makes the victim forget parts of their memory.

What if cartoons were just for adults?

There are cartoons that are just for adults. They air on various channels like, FOX (Family Guy), TBS (AmericanDad) & Cartoon Network's adult swim.

Why don't adults do fun things?

Adults have to earn a living so they can buy food, pay rent, buyclothes, pay for things needed for children. This takes time andenergy. Life is not one big party and it takes work.