Can an Australian resident New Zealand citizen work in Canada?

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you would have to check with the Canadian consulate. But I cant see why not so long as you are not wanted on any serious criminal charges.
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What is the difference between an Australian permanent resident and an Australian citizen?

Yes, permanent residents can't get Australian passports. (I'm sorry, but whoever just said 'Yes, permanent residents can'tget Australian passports.' is completely WRONG! I a

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Can Australian citizens work in Canada?

They most certainly can. They can be offered employment for a period of time, but you would need to work out the finer details of visas and how long you were permitted to stay

Can Australian citizens work in New Zealand?

Yes. Australian citizens can live and work in New Zealand as long as they like as long as you don't have a criminal record (minor convictions excepted). There are a few except
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Where can a new citizen find work in Canada?

First one would need to obtain a work permit that allows them to obtain a job in Canada. Second, there are several places one can go to find work, such as Citizen and Immigrat