Can an abusive husband fall in love with his wife?

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Most abusers firmly believe that their abusive conduct is proof and indication of deep love. In their thwarted minds, abuse, intimacy, and love are inextricable.  
The saddest part is that many (but not all) abusers really ARE in love (whatever that means, it's such a subjective term) with their partners, and deep inside are quite horrified by the abuse they inflict.
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How can you as an abusive husband support your wife?

Answer . \nYou've taken a really big step forward for yourself. You are the problem that your wife is having and it's YOU that needs therapy. Most women only ask of their

Can a husband really love his wife when he shows no compassion or remorse for his verbal abuse toward his disabled wife?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nYES, definitely! The verbal abuse is probably a result of a shortcoming in the husband, or to his mind, anyway. It probably has nothing to do w

Can i fall in love with someone's husband?

Anything is possible, but acting on it would not be acceptable. In my opinion, if a person can no longer honor their marriage vows, they ought to file for divorce prior t

Do cheating husbands love their wife?

it can be possible ANSWER: For some yes they do but not the way he use to love her. If this married man really love his wife, and I mean truly love his wife, do you think

If your husband is verbally abusive and controlling you fall out of love to the point that you are now in love with another man should you stay married for the sake of the kids?

I think its important to try and stay with some one for the sake of your children, but it sounds like your marrige is so bad, that all you are likely to be doing is upsetting

WHEN husband abuse the wife the judge empathized with the abuser husband wife is afraid still what can she do?

The only thing you can do at that point is get out. Get to a shelter, get to a friend or relative. There are legal services available to abuse victims, any paperwork you have
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What if the wife is the one who physically abuses the husband?

If a wife physically or verbally abuses her husband she will get the same treatment as a man who physically or verbally abuses his wife. If she leaves any physical marks on th
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Why does an abusive husband not trust his wife?

Because he is insecure. It has nothing to do with the wife's actions. Or he simply wants to assert control over her. Again tho that's because of insecurity.