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Can an employer terminate an employee after he has received settlement on a workers comp claim?

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Yes. An employer can discharge any employee incapacitated from performing even one essential duty of the currently assigned job.
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Can you be terminated from your employer if you have a workmens comp claim?

Answer . No, but there is a Statute of Limitations as to how long you can go on WCB and when it becomes a Disibility. Go to your Labor Relations Board about this. If you ha

Workers comp settlement during divorce I received half of my ex husbands workers comp settlement as part of our divorce Do I need to claim this on my taxes?

Answer . \nThe general rule would be that a settlment that is to replace income (compared to reimbursing for a loss of something, say eyesight), is taxable income. (Presum

If you want a settlement from workers comp does the money come from your employer?

Workers compensation is an insurance. Your employer pays a premium during each billing period (monthly, quarterly, annually, however frequently) for coverage. This works just

Can you be terminated if you file a workers comp claim?

I would contact the Fair Trades Ombudsman and sue if my boss sacked me for claiming workers comp if I was injured at work. I believe it is very illegal for an employer to do t

Can you receive unemployment after settling your workers comp claim?

Workers Compensation and unemployment benefits are two entirely different systems and so your workers compensation settlement should not hold any bearing on whether you can co

Can an employer force you to file a workers comp claim?

Not necessarily, It would simply be up to you since its not his name which is going to go on the record. Its ur job on line, and the person you will be complaining to has an u

Does an employer have to pay an employee wages and mileage to go to the doctor if it is workers comp claim?

The worker's comp law is slightly different in each state.Basically if an employee is injured in the course and scope oftheir work, they are entitled to having the cost of med