Can an illegal alien work in the US without a green card or visa?

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Not legally, no. Do you have family in the US legally? Do you have a potential employer in the US? Are you an engineer, doctor, etc? You could apply for entry and residence based on these (essentially you need a sponsor for the first 2). You should be able to apply for a work card when you apply for adjustment of status. (seeking permanent residency). Answer That's right, by law it's illegal. But they do work anyway. Either they get pay cash only or the work with a fake "green card" and Social security number. They take their chances because the option is not pretty neither, I mean, they would not have any money to live by. Answer Be aware if you work on forged documents you're not only doing something illegal, you're causing your employer to break the law. Many illegal immigrants don't understand why their employers aren't more helpful. It's because the fine for employing an illegal immigrant -- even unintentionally-- is up to $100,000 per person. Answer Yes they can though its illegal they get jobs the dont requires documents like lawn service and other types of jobs normally they get paid under the table but perhaps wont get as much as any legal person would.
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If your husband is illegal how do you get him a visa or a green card?

if he has a clean record, no deportations, no felonies or DUI's or anything like that, you should be able to file for a green card. the paperwork is online, but you might consider getting a lawyer to avoid mistakes that could lead to his paperwork being denied. i do not think he is elligable for a v (MORE)

How can an illegal alien with a resident relative get a green card?

Answer . Contact an immigration lawyer. They can go over the process and details with you. It's going to be a lot off jumping through hoops but I believe it can be done.. Answer . I believe that only if that resident relative is a parent, spouse, or sibling over 21 years old can be done.

What happens if you work in the US without a visa?

Answer . That is illegal and if you are caught you could be deported.. Answer . Also, if you entered US illegally, you can not obtain US Green Card according to the current immigration law, even if you married a US Citizen.

Who do you contact if you married an illegal alien but were used for a green card and you brought his daughter to the US and you have not seen them since but she has signed your name on documents?

Answer . First of all, how did an illegal obtain a green card?\nSecond, if you have not seen him or his daughter and she has forged your name on documents, contact the police and the INS. They will have his Alien Registration #,and should have his current address. If you have his Social Security (MORE)

If you are a US citizen and your ex is an illegal alien with an expired visa can you get custody of your child?

Answer . Please note that resident status has NOTHING to do with who gets custody of the child. The courts decide custody on several grounds the main one being Who is there for the kids the most: ie. cooks their food, helps with preparing themselves, helps with homework, etc.\n. \nThe other onl (MORE)

If an illegal alien gets married to a US citizen how long would it take for the illegal alien to get his social security card and a temporary or permanent green card?

dont . you can`t first apply to the green card (i- 130) then they will answer (2 years) arter the answer you have to pick up your green card at the country your husband is originally from the they will apply the 10 year law punishment for being here illegaly after that period you will be put at (MORE)

Can an illegal immigrant who overstayed their tourist visa by a year apply for the green card lottery while they are living in the US?

Answer . \nNo.\n. \nHe or she is not eligible for permanent residency.\n. \nThe foreign national is now unlawfully present in the US and must voluntarily return to his or her country of origin or be officially deported.\n. \nBecause the foreign national remained in the US unlawfully for more (MORE)

Can a alien with a green card work in the US?

Serving the purpose as proof that its holder, a Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR), has been officially granted immigration benefits, the green card also include permission to reside and take employment in the USA. Only some types of immigrants as well as lawful permanent residents and citizens can (MORE)

What countries can green card holder can travel without a visa?

USA, CANADA, MEXICO, some Central American countries, some Caribbean islands, Switzerland . and to those to which nationals of your countries are allowed to travel without a visa or resident permit. There might be some more. Note: You must hold the actual card in most cases. Starting Dec 2008, S (MORE)

How can illegal alien get green card if already in us?

If your status is legal (you entered the US with some kind of visa and the date stamped in your passport is not passed yet) you can contact a US lawyer. You need a US employer, who is ready to employ you. Then he has to prove, that he is not able to fulfill the job with US citizens. With all thes (MORE)

Can an overstayed visa alien marry a permanent resident and apply for a green card while in US?

You can get married, but from an immigration standpoint, it will not grant you legal status. If you are overstayed, you must leave the country and return LEGALLY in order to appropriately take advantage of the US laws and constitution. You can also apply for a green card, however, it will not be gr (MORE)

Who issues alien visa cards?

the people from mars, venus, Jupiter or more distant planets like ZargonB, Krypton, klingon or the planet where the chupacabras comes from

If an illegal alien has children with a us citizen who has a drug addiction and the soul care of the children is with the illegal can this person apply for a green card without being deported?

"what kind of a question is that". Whoever made this response is rude and iresponsible. I think this is a valid and important question. I truly wish I had an answer for you. I would call CPS or a social worker and ask them what measures should be taken to get help for the father and support for the (MORE)

Can an illegal alien get a green card after deportation if he has a permanent residentwife and 2 us citizen kids?

\nIt is not impossible to get a green card (permanent residence) in the circumstances you describe.\n. \nHowever, it will be extremely difficult. The fact you were illegal (and deported) means you will have to apply at the US consulate in which you reside. The application procedure is long and cost (MORE)

What countries can green card holder travel without a visa?

To be honest it depends on where you are from and what country has granted you a green card. US green card holders can visit Mexico and Canada without a visa, but you still need a passport and leaving the Us for over a year can lead to having your green card taken away.

How do you get a visa for your husband that is an illegal alien?

Since you married an illegal alien, he cannot enter the country with you yet. However, If you want to help your partner with their status, he must have a form of entry such as I-94 or a stamp on his/her passport. As stated by the law: A U.S. Citizen can get married to an illegal immigrant if the s (MORE)

Can an alien who marries a US green card holder apply for a US green card?

Lawful Permanent Residents who got married before obtaining a Green Card are not required to file an Immigrant Petition on behalf of their spouse (or any children born before becoming a Lawful Permanent Resident). A spouse and eligible children of a Lawful Permanent Resident in this category may (MORE)

Can US green card holder enter Guam without a visa?

Yes. Guam is a US territory Yes.Once you become US Permanent Resident green card holders, there are 11 countries and territories that they can travel to without applying for a tourist visa to enter as long as they carry with them their valid US Permanent resident cards and Philippine passports (s (MORE)

Can a us woman marry a man with a green card visa?

I presume from your question that the US woman is about to marry a man who is in the US on a Fiance visa. She can marry that person within 90 days of his entry into the US. Also the marriage should be a genuine one and not for the sake of getting a green card. If it is a fake arrangement, then the f (MORE)

Can a US green card holder travel to Spain without a visa?

The fact that you hold a US "green card" is essentially irrelevant. What matters is the relationship whatever country you are a citizen of has with Spain. US Citizens, with a US passport, can enter Spain for up to 90 days without a visa. You should check with your country's embassy or consulate to (MORE)

Does a us green card holder need a visa to Cancun?

A green card allows you to enter the United States. It doesn't mean it will allow you to enter other countries, though. In the case of Mexico, you need to present your international passport; if you have an American passport you may enter Mexico without needing a visa. Otherwise, some restrictions a (MORE)