Can an illegal immigrant get Social Security benefits?

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Yes, I have had friends who received Social Security and food stamps and they were illegal immigrants. They were very pleasant people and hard workers but they were also illegal.
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How can an illegal immigrant without a Social Security card get married?

Answer . \nYou must get married to GET a SS card. Get married and then apply for Permanent Residency.. Answer . The social security system (number) was created for a

Can a sixty five year old illegal immigrant get social security benefits?

The only way anyone can receive social security benefits is if he/she has earned at least 40 credits (yearly maximum credits=4) or if they are a surviving spouse of someone wh

Can an illegal immigrant get a social security card?

NO, you have to have 2 forms of identification, and if you are illegal you are not getting one anyway. The Answer no is not truly correct. There is a couple of ways an ind

Is a marriage to an illegal immigrant binding without social security number?

Answer . Answer. You need to obtain more information about how marriage to an illegal immigrant will affect you. There will probably be issues if the illegal immigrant did

Is social security paid to illegal immigrants?

No. Social Security is ONLY paid to legal citizens of the United States. Because, in order to get it, you need a social security number, which illegal aliens are not entitled
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Do immigrants who have not paid into social security receive benefits?

They pay into the system but will never get credit. Many pay intothe ITIN system set by the federal government to collect tax onwages undocumented workers claim. And the gover